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Russian News of the Day 1961 #35 September

Reel Number: 221424-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: GDR East Germany,USSR

Location: East Berlin,west berlin

TC Begins: 23:02:16

TC Ends: 23:12:50

Duration: 00:10:34

Russian News of the Day 1961 #35 September 23:02:38 GDR Democratic side - East Berlin, busy city’s streets, soldiers stop people, check papers. Soldiers read newspaper & train (?) station. 23:03:06 West Berlin. Willy Brandt makes speech (MOS); demonstrators march. CU Door plate: Kreisleriung der SED Schoneberg-Friedenau. Interior of vandalized buildings, trains (that go to East Berlin) w/ broken windows. Narration says that he’s encouraging hooligans to go against Christians. 23:03:38 US VP Lyndon Johnson, LBJ, off plane & greeted by Brandt, airport w/ military troops. Convoy of US army cars & trucks past on autobahn highway. GDR Soldiers at Brandenberg Gate & on top. 23:04:12 ?? speaking to tank crew; woman presents flowers. Walter Ulbricht speaking MOS to large crowd; military listen, applaud together w/ lines of soldiers on tanks. 23:05:01 Newspaper headlines: “All nations must fight for world peace”. SOF: factory worker, ex-soldier, & an army commander speak in support of USSR government’s politics. SOF soldiers cheer. 23:06:29 Soviet Army’s Central Theater. Soviet army’s generals & officers greet USSR hero pilot, astronaut (cosmonaut) - Major German Titov (2nd Soviet in space) speech (SOF), women give flowers, public applaud. 23:07:39 River in canyon & construction of dam (electric power station). Trucks drive over bridge. Crane operator works, pouring concrete (CU Khrushchev in cap - brief), workers watch, boats on river below. 23:08:43 Special effect, animation. 23:08:45 Moscow, meeting of Soviet/American Relations Institution. Speech by Nina Papova (MOS) also present composer Shostakovich next to Nina Khrushchev & others. Medical science academy’s president Blahim makes speech about will to be friends with USA. Public applauds. Animation. 23:09:39 1st of September. Full streets of kids all ages w/ flowers going to school. Stand in lines outside school. In classroom teacher greets class of 1st year children. CU of kids. 23:10:30 Theater production - “Vasiliy Tjorkin” . Scenes of very communistic play w/ soldiers praising USSR, CU faces watching & listening. Brechtian as actor speaks to audience. Applause; Patriotic; Actors; (Pre-missile crisis, Cuba); Cold War; Diplomacy; Germany;

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