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Russian News of the Day 1962 #33 August

Reel Number: 221194-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Hungary,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Budapest,Leningrad,Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 08:42:37

TC Ends: 08:53:20

Duration: 00:10:43

Russian News of the Day 1962 #33 August USSR cosmonaut pictures against animated background & years they flew to space: 1st Y. Gagarin 12Apr61, 2nd G. Titov 06Aug61, 3rd 11-15Aug62 A. Nikolayev & P. Popovich, title - ‘Happy Returns’. 15Aug Big army helicopter lands, soviet cosmonauts Nikolayev & Popovich quickly out & into into car. Khrushchev & Brezhnev sits at table, K. speaks on telephone w/ Nikolayev (SOF), congratulates them & says how proud he is & gives his best wishes. K. hands phone to Brezhnev who congratulates cosmonauts (SOF). People outside house where cosmonauts are staying, CU Nikolayev getting shave, cosmonauts eat at big table. CU photographer, Nikolayev & Popovich exit & smile standing on podium, people cheer, pick up autographs thrown in crowds, CU newspaper page w/ cosmonaut pictures & autographs. People wave as cosmonauts enter plane. Ukraine village houses, int. cosmonaut’s father Roman Popovich on telephone surrounded by family members, people crowd to greet cosmonauts parents, shake hands, kiss, applaud, CU Popovich’s mother very moved, CU photos of Popovich and Nikolayev. 08:46:44 Leningrad. Huge crowds in big square, applause, speaker on podium, people march thru streets w/ placards, cheer; people gather in various squares to show their support to cosmonauts, CU people. 08:47:17 Moscow Factory workers meeting, speaker on podium (SOF) in the name of all factory’s workers, gives congratulations to cosmonauts & to USSR scientists & technicians who built the space ships. 08:47:56 “World is amazed” Czech travelers give interview in front of state university (SOF), how happy they are to be in Moscow when cosmonauts competed their trip, & give greetings to ‘real future travelers’. 08:48:31 Budapest, People in streets buy & read newspapers. People watch television w/ cosmonauts on TV screen, people around radio, men around car listen to the radio. World aerobatic champion Jozsev Toth speaks on camera (Russian translation over), to give pilot team’s best wishes to cosmonauts. English language newspapers in CU, watching television. 08:49:29 Sofia crowds buy newspapers, crowd applauds people on Soviet embassy balcony. Factory worker meeting in big factory hall, speakers on the podium. 08:50:00 ‘Homeland praises its heroes’ Moscow big plane in the air surrounded by fighter jets. Waiting VIPs & others. Popovich & Nikolayev down red carpet to VIPs w/ K., Nikolayev gives his account (SOF) of mission. Popovich says (SOF) ship was perfect & he is ready for next mission. K. hugs Nikolayev, long kiss on lips, then hug, kisses Popopvich, high angle other VIPs give congratulations. K. & cosmonauts walk past crowds, high angle delegates, shot of cameramen on scaffolding. 08:52:15 Motorcade, Nikolayev & Popovich in decorated open top car, wave to roadside crowds. VIPs in convertible w/ Brezhnev, Khrushchev. Red Square from various angles, huge crowds around Lenin mausoleum, government leaders w/ Khrushchev & Popovich, Nikolayev, Gagarin & Titov, CU happy people applaud, cheer, CU all 4 cosmonauts side by side, various shots of cheering people. The End NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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