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Russian News of the Day 1962 #40 October

Reel Number: 221330-29

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Lithuania,Moldova,Russia,Tajikistan,USSR,Yugoslavia Russia

Location: Lithuania,moldavia,Moscow,Tajikistan

TC Begins: 14:18:18

TC Ends: 14:30:28

Duration: 00:12:10

Russian News of the Day, October, 1962, #40 “Khrushchev in Tajikistan”. Tajik crowds welcome Khrushchev, hug & kiss on cheeks. Delegation looks at new types of sheep in pens, piles of wool next to them. Visit cotton fields w/ new machinery used for picking. 14:19:44 Brezhnev visit to Yugoslavia. Streets full of people greeting Brezhnev & Tito in open limousine. POV & city view. Brezhnev & Tito sign agreement for collaboration. 14:20:40 Soviet celebration of 13th Anniversary of Chinese Peoples Republic. Moscow Party Secretary Egorochev at podium, applause. Chairman Prokurov at podium; Chinese representatives making speeches (MOS). Guests greeted with flowers by Pioneers. 14:21:46 Kremlin palace. Soviet chairman Arganov greeting US delegation incl. Foy Koller(?) on official visit to USSR. Cameraman CU. 14:22:21 New Russian port. Arrival of ship “Georgia” from Turkey w/ Kazak fugitive descendants from 250 years ago, forced to grow up abroad, finally returning home. Big crowds greeting them. 14:23:04 Moldavia. Big grape fields, women picking grapes, packing them into boxes. Baskets full of grapes lined up. 14:23:39 Asian Siberian Arctic Mischiluskin(?) end of September. Rowing thru chunks of snow & ice. 200 year old memorial - placed there by Semjon Cheluckin. Meteorology or weather center, people work inside to forecast predictions for shipping. CU telegraph key. 14:24:40 Moscow New invention: “Progress” store w/ no staff, everything operated w/ modern automatic vending machinery. Woman putting milk bottles into machine. Customers put in money, choose products & receive them. Nighttime shopping. Future. Oddities. 14:25:31 Lithuanian jewelry factory “Daile” producing things from pieces of amber from coast of Baltic sea. Grinding stones & polishing. Different sorts of decorative mosaics made from amber. (ugly art) 14:26:15 Large concert hall concert w/ composer Igor Stravinsky conducting orchestra in a piece from Petrouska. Bowing to the audience & applause. Large organ pipes behind. 14:27:00--14:28:30 Don’t use. 14:28:31 Sports headlines of high jumper Valeriy Brumel setting record of 2.27 meters; w/ trainer Vladimir Djechkov. Speaks to camera SOF about it. 14:28:01 Jockeys racing horses on Petergorsky dirt track, w/ tracking camera. Applause, winner Ukrainian Toharev. 14:29:50 “Surpapah” Azerbaijan teams w/ traditional Kyrgyz games; Kyz Kuumai (Kissku) guy chasing girl rider & kisses her, & other traditional riding. The End.

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