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Russian News of the Day 1962 #46 June

Reel Number: 221194-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Russia,Senegal,Tajikistan,USSR

Location: kabardino bAlkaria,Moscow,Tajikistan

TC Begins: 08:32:14

TC Ends: 08:42:28

Duration: 00:10:14

Russian News of the Day 1962 #24 June 14Jun62 Kremlin meeting of Khrushchev & Prime Minister of Senegal Mamadou Dia (PM till 18Dec62 when arrested attempting a coup); sign agreement of collaboration, LS table w/ delegates standing behind it, CU Mikoyan. K. & Dia shake hands. 08:33:29 ‘On the country’s fields’ Kabardino Balkaria, aerials over large fields; tractor on field, CU sign - Corn Growing School. Farmers out of school, look at newly invented cultivating machine. Tractor pulling & cultivating corn, crop duster plane over field aerial spraying. 08:34:23 Tajikistan Barley harvest w/ combines & trucks in field. Low angle CU of barley. Fields & CU shots of combine driver harvesting & grain into trucks. 08:34:59 Kremlin Khrushchev w/ People’s Republic of Poland delegation w/ Marshal Cheslav Vicep(?). 08:35:31 Gorky 1st Modern Music Festival People in square overlooking river, photographer takes pictures, people on the street. Workers listen to orchestra performance in long factory hall, applause, give flowers to artists. Festival hall, CU conductor Kiril Kondrashin in front of orchestra w/ American pianist Van Cliburn, CU pianist, applause, Cliburn shakes hands w/ conductor. People give flowers to Cliburn. 08:36:59 Synthetic wool factory looms. Strands out of machinery in manufacturing new type synthetic wool “Lavsana”. CU fake wool. New artificial wool products on display, men look at shirts, woman tries on blouse. 08:37:42 House of Soviets, 15th Medical Science Meeting. Various medical professors & scientists speaking on podium. Various shots of stage and audience. 08:38:37 Newly invented track vehicle GPI 37 driven thru uneven field; men open car hood & look at motor. CU track & vehicle drives on field, thru lake, through long grass. 08:39:21 Full stadium watches Igor Ter-Ovenesyan of USSR set long jump record, CU Igor speaks w/ his coach, shot of record setting jump, applause, CU Rigor smiles. Broad jump; track & field meet. 08:39:58 “Happy farewell” 15Jun62 Crowd on train platform asl Khruhchev leaves for Rumania. VIPs incl. Brezhnev, Kosygin, Suslov and others; kids give flowers to K. K. waves from moving train doorway, photographers take pictures, people wave, CU waving VIPs. 08:40:46 ‘Uzbekistan’s artist concert’ Kremlin Solo performance by Uzbek ballet dancer Kalivanova, stage from various angles, audience applaud. Uzbek folk dance ensembles ‘Bahor’ performance, various angles. Final song by opera singer w/ orchestra & chorus, LS stage. The End NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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