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Russian News of the Day 1963 #36 September

Reel Number: 221188-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Bulgaria,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Bulgaria,Kiev,Siberia,Washington

TC Begins: 23:31:35

TC Ends: 23:42:15

Duration: 00:10:40

Russian News of the Day 1963 #36 September Bulgarian exposition, people look at many lines of products. Girl in traditional Bulgarian outfit greets Khrushchev, delegation is shown around different parts of exhibition. Machine tools, furniture, food. 23:33:47 Siberia, combine in huge grain field, collective farm leader congratulates worker who managed to finish 62 hectares in 1 day. Combines collect grain in big tracks, hay collected in big hay stacks and large cleared fields plowed. 23:34:47 Flashback of grain harvest - women work in fields, do everything by hand. Now the same fields everything done by machinery. Agriculture; farming. 23:35:49 Children of all ages w/ flowers going back to school after summer. Newly built school in Kiev, kids greeted by head teacher & welcomed inside. Hand ringing bell. Shots of spacious classrooms, canteen, sleeping room. 1st lesson for 1st year pupils. In break all children walk to Lenin's memorial to put their flowers. 23:37:07 Ribnhica(?) huge cement factory. Trucks collect necessary limestone from 4 km away, but now new invention - automatic aerial tramline that brings material much quicker and faster by buckets. 23:37:56 Watermelon harvest. People pick melons & load on to truck. Women pack them into big boxes; cranes stack them. Big lines of boxes ready for transporting. 23:38:29 Moscow, new modern design furniture exhibition; people choose the most practical ones that will be put for mass production. Public give their verdict to designers. 23:39:21 Musician & author Aleksander Kromskoy plays guitar in beautiful country side, display of his records, in his house composing, teaching guitar to group of young students. 23:40:24 28Aug63 Washington DC, aerial over civil rights demonstration, 200,000 protesters take part in March on Washington. High angle shots of demonstration.

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