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Russian News of the Day 1963 #40 October

Reel Number: 221232-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Smolensk,Ukraine

TC Begins: 22:39:11

TC Ends: 22:49:46

Duration: 00:10:35

Russian News of the Day 1963 #40 October Ukraine collective farm. Khrushchev w/ others on road, look at the plan of Krasnoznamensk water irrigation canal, water canal & ditches thru field, CU canal, ditches w/ headgates & tractor watering field. Collective farm meets Khrushchev w/ traditional bread & salt, Khrushchev kisses bread, tastes it, farmers applaud, K. shakes hands w/ women. Farmers lead K. into corn field w/ plant height over head, K. walks thru corn field, looks at corn, delegation walk toward another corn field, look at new harvesting combine. K. speaks to farm workers, strokes young man’s hair, smiles, sits w/ farmers at table in middle of corn field, eats watermelon. 22:41:39 ‘2nd Year of 7 year Plan’ Big cellulose paper factory hall, machinery, big paper rolls, woman sits at control panel, shots of workers running large automatic machinery. 22:42:28 Big dam on Dnepra river, people work on dam turbine construction, huge parts moved w/ cranes, men high up constructing power lines. 22:43:11 Smolensk city’s 1100th anniversary & 20th anniversary of independence from WWII Fascist power.Street scenes, floats past grandstand w/ costumes, shots of various monuments, buildings decorated w/ big portraits, people enter stadium, celebration parade w/ people dressed as cities historical heroes, applause, soldiers on horses. Celebration meeting, audience applaud, LS stage, kids give flowers, shots of big anniversary poster, people on street. 22:44:17 Cotton harvest, man walks thru cotton field, POV of cotton picking combines in field collect cotton dump it in wagon, LS combines. 22:44:54 Soviet cosmonaut German Titov & wife Tatyana in hospital given new born daughter, doctors shake Mr. & Mrs. Titov’s hands. Couple leaves hospital, enter car surrounded by people, CU baby Tanya in crib, mother leans over, looks at baby. 22:45:26 Moscow 1st clock or watch factory in name of Kirov, large factory hall w/ workers in white gowns,factory workers sign for the newspapers, people signing to order favorite papers, people queue in post office, shot of USSR magazines, big sign across road -’Newspaper & magazines 1964’. CU office workers. GOOD. 22:46:14 Ext. cathedral, int. restoration work underway w/ men cleaning & renewing art pieces, sculptures, wall paintings, shots of beautiful wall drawings, mosaics, sculptures, people look at huge pendulum that proves the world is really turning. 22:47:12 Sports palace, ice hockey game, Moscow’s Dynamo & Voskresensk’s Khimik, intense game, winner team Khimik presented w/ prize trophy. 22:48:13 ‘Paris guest Yuri Gagarin’, people rush down street, plane on runway, Gagarin off, waves, walks thru huge crowds, POV car thru streets, people reach out hands, give flowers, car starts moving, people cheer applaud. 14th International Space Congress, Gagarin thru hall, applause, on stage Gagarin presented w/ international Golodero(?) prize, Gagarin signs autographs. People give flowers as Gagarin leaves smiling, The End NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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