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Siberian Story R1 of 2

Reel Number: 221653-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date:

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Akademgorodok,Novosibirsk,Russia

TC Begins: 15:07:05

TC Ends: 15:17:37

Duration: 00:10:32

Siberian Story R1 of 2 CUs boys, working on advanced math problems, writing in notebook. Ext. Modern Siberian city apartments. 15:08:34 Title, credits & Central Documentary Film Studio 15:08:56 Forest w/ sun thru trees, moss on fallen branches & logs. Pan up hillside, scientist writing in his log cabin. Construction of Akademgorodok (Academic City), Novosibirsk in winter w/ cranes & concrete. Academy w/ young people & scientists. Establishing Academy for Automation & Electromitry. Drafting laboratory. Hospital w/ institute of medicine & doctors. Man in field taking notes for Institute of Geology. Scientists in outboard boats on river. Building under construction. 15:11:20 Khrushchev visiting, talking, gesturing. 15:11:42 Buildings & people walking. Mikhail Lavrentyev (19Nov00 - 15Oct80) drives up to Insitute of Hydrodynamics. Men & women scientists walking outside buildings in summer. 15:12:48 Interior of lab at Institute of Inorganic Chemistry w/ Nikolaev studying conceived compounds w/ students. CU of physicists studying electronic instruments measuring energies while working on a regulated thermo-nuclear reaction. Scientists at Institute of Thermal Physics aka thermoldynamics. Heavy equipment for studying under pressure. 15:13:41 Computing center, punch cards loaded. Pan across cabinets of main frame computer. Flashing lights. Scientists studying results, printouts. Studying Mayan Language & computer report reporting translation. Woman looking at code tape. 15:15:22 Helicopter listing instrument for geology study. Dragging a tube beneath, man w/ earphone. CU flask & scientists looking at colored liquid in laboratory. 15:16:00 Workers at oil drilling site & gusher on River Lena. Tilting down tall derrick. CU of scientist Trafi Mok (sp?). Agriculture research by Perogay Korchina (sp?). Women carrying water w/ buckets for plants in field. Drilling for water & irrigating w/ sprinklers. Orchard. Open Scientific City; USSR Research; Russian Siberia;

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