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Starry Road R3 of 6 (Continued)

Reel Number: 221208-01

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: England,Kyrgyzstan,Russia,United Kingdom,USSR

Location: Kirgizia,London,Moscow

TC Begins: 00:00:00

TC Ends: 00:05:03

Duration: 00:05:03

Starry Road R3 of 6 (Continued) Flight’s supervisors, scientists & mathematics at the table in hall, big screen opened at front of room w/ sign 30 minutes to lift off, Valery in space capsule, people in control room put on communication panels, scientists in the hall, screen shows 15 min to lift off, various shots of control system room, scientist, 5 min to lift off. 00:00:47 Valery closes helmet, puts on gloves, scientists & Valentina Tereshkova look at the screen - 1 min lift off, CU Valentina & others, Valeri Bykovsky holds on to the handle. 00:01:06 Start, big smoke, flames, rocket lifts off. LS rocket trail, recording machinery operated, people look up w/ binoculars. White line across control room map, screen in the hall closes, people at work in control room, receive data print outs from space ship, scientists at the table in meeting room, read out thethe received data, look at three big screen w/ space ship’s coordinates, shot of big aerial. 00:02:20 Crowds in Red Square around the car, listen to radio announcements about Vostok 5 spce ship, Young Pioneers run to post w/ loudspeaker, smile, applaud. Kirgizia, horse rider comes up to old man w/ radio transmitter outside his yurt tent, other men on horses throw up their hats in joy of news about Vostok 5, people sit near the tent w/ radio, applaud. Shots of various people celebrating news in their homes. Shot of the earth, big aerial construction, people in control room, receiving video messages from the space. 00:03:03 CU video of Valery Bykovsky in space, smiles, listens to greeting from Khrushchev. 00:03:17 CU Khrushchev on the phone (SoF) gives his congratulations, CU Valery in the space, kindly thanks Khrushchev (SoF). Moscow, Red Square, crowds celebrate; posters of Valery Bykovsky. Far East, people sit on row boat on shore, listen to man w/ newspaper article w/ Bykovsky’ picture on the cover, workers on construction site of oil pipe “Druzhba” (Friendship) read out the news w/ big smiles. 00:04:08 London, LS House of Parliament across river, people on the street, car of Evening News distributes newspapers w/ breaking news, men in white suits read newspaper, ship on the Thames. Shots of people buying & reading newspapers about Soviet Vostok 5 & Valery Bykovsky in various countries. 00:04:34 CU Bykovsky in the space craft, video recorder flying in the weightlessness, Valery smiling. Space Race; USSR Communism; Communists; Cosmonauts; 1963; 1960s; Cold War; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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