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Starry Road R6 of 6

Reel Number: 221208-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 00:21:28

TC Ends: 00:31:05

Duration: 00:09:37

Starry Road R6 Moscow, motorcade thru city, Khrushchev & Tereshkova & Bykovsky in open top car, wave to crowds at roadside, pass tv camera man on platform; motorcade from various angles, high angle over bridge near Kremlin, Red Square filled w/ greeting crowds, LS VIPs on podium. 00:22:25 Speech by Valery Bykovsky (SOF), thanks Soviet government & communist party for giving him the great honor to fly in space. CU audience, applause, praises - “Long live Communist party of USSR!” Khrushchev next to the speaker applauds, praises Soviet government & leader Khrushchev. Applause, Khrushchev & Bykovsky hug & kiss, high angle square. 00:23:49 Speech by Valentina Tereshkova (SOF), thanks Lenin’s Central Committee of Communist Party & Soviet government for giving her the great opportunity to fly in space, applause. Thanks Khrushchev for his fatherly love & care towards Soviet cosmonauts, (Khrushchev looks very serious) thanks Moscow's citizens for warm welcome, applause, various shots of the crowds. 00:25:00 Khrushchev’s speech (SOF) praises all Soviet Cosmonaut heroes, thanks their parents, CU Bykovsky’s parent & Tereshkova’s mother, applause, tells that he has no doubt that in near future there will be even more advanced space ships, LS podium, people cheer w/ flags, placards, VIP’s incl. Gagarin,Tereshkova, Khrushchev, Bykovsky, Brezhnev & others hold up joined hands, people cheer, smile, applaud, CU Soviet cosmonauts all smiling & holding hands up in the air, high angle Red square. 00:27:33 Celebration reception in Kremlin Palace, VIP’s incl. Brezhnev, Bykovsky, Khrushchev, Tereskkova, Mikoyan & others walk up the stairs, applaud. Brezhnev presents Tereshkova & Bykovsky w/ honors,VIP’s applaud, smiling Khrushchev & others. International Women’s Forum greets Valentina Tereshkova at their meeting, various nationality women applaud, cheer in the audience, Valentina on the stage waves w/ neckerchief, smiles & applauds. 00:28:28 Motorcade w/ Valery Bykovsky in flower-covered convertible car thru Moscow neighborhood where he was born, huge crowds on the streets cheer, applaud, present Valery w/ traditional Bread & Salt, Young Pioneers wave as Bykovsky puts on their present of a Pioneer hat, applause, Valery on the podium in front of huge crowd of people. Sign: Yaroslavl. Motorcade w/ Valentina Tereshkova in open top car, people crowds cheer, applaud, Valentina on podium in filled stadium. Tereshkova in various places around home town, greeted by huge crowds, ex work mates. 00:29:35 CU plaque of honor in factory saying: Here worked First Woman in space Valentina Tereshkova, Valentina shows that she still remembers how to work on textile machinery. 00:29:58 Tereshkova & Bykovsky in the motorcade thru Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, greeted by Castro in Cuba. Valentina & Gagarin exit car outside United Nations building, reporters take pictures for a resolution of Space as an Atomic free zone, CU Gromyko, Tereshkova & Gagarin, shake hands w/ ? The End. Space Race; USSR Communism; Communists; Cosmonauts Return; Heroes Welcome; 1963; 1960s; Cold War; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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