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USSR - 1960s, Moscow Scenics, Parade & Military Review

Reel Number: 221087-40

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960s

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 13:47:04

TC Ends: 14:01:06

Duration: 00:14:02

USSR - 1960s, Moscow Scenics, Parade & Military Review Beautiful color. LS Moscow State University at dusk. View across city from university? May Day Parade in streets w/ portraits of Khruschev & Lenin - people happy - dancing & singing. 13:48:00 Good tracking shot over crowds heads w/ Lenin statue in FG & University in distance. Top shot crowd across bridge. Huge banner of Lenin, Marx & Engels w/ zoom out to show military parade in Red Square. CUs sailors & soldiers. Khruschhev & others out of Kremlin; crowd applauding Khrushchev as he arrives with Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella at balcony above Lenin’s Mausoleum. 13:48:57 MCU ornate clock striking 10:00. Two open top American cars enter Red Square, one w/ Marshal of USSR Rodion Malinovsky standing in back & saluting - cars meet in middle of square as troops stand to attention & proclamation over loudspeakers heard - cars drive past reviewing troops - young recruits chant replies in unison to Malinovsky’s words. Malinovsky out of car & onto balcony - trumpeters. 13:51:09 CU Malinovsky making speech - intercut w/ shots of Khrushchev, Ben Bella et al on balcony, Red Square & troops listening. 13:53:04 Panorama of Red Square after speech. Pan across Khrushchev & other officials, all in similar overcoats. Military review continues, CU Ben Bella and Breshnev - Khrushchev & military chiefs saluting - tanks & missile carriers. 13:56:00 Civilian parade - May Day 1964 - dancing in national costume - acrobatics - Cossack dancers. Kids in costumes onto podium, give flowers to Khrushchev. Communist banners paraded. Elderly Chinese? military officers waving. Mikoyan? African military chiefs link hand w/ Khrushchev. Civilians smiling & waving up to balcony. 14:00:19 Night shots light displays - Communist insignia, slogans & pictures in neon inc. firing rockets - 46th Anniversary of October Revolution - street scenes w/ traffic, buildings lit up - LS University at night. Russia / USSR. Communism. NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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