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USSR - Shah of Iran & Wife Arrive & Tour ?? & Uzbekistan; Moscow

Reel Number: 221416-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950s

Country: Iran,Russia,USSR,Uzbekistan

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 06:19:30

TC Ends: 06:29:03

Duration: 00:09:33

USSR - Shah of Iran & Wife Arrive & Tour ?? & Uzbekistan; Moscow Two-engine plane arrives; Iran, USSR & ?? flags on post. Shah in military uniform & wife off, shake hands. CU saluting. Walking, saluting, past Red Army soldiers at attention. Teenage girls & boys run out w/ bouquets. 06:20:28 Greeter, man, at microphones reading welcoming speech (MOS). Handshaking & Shah at mic (MOS). 06:20:48 Motorcade leaving airport, past people on sidewalk in front of apartment tower buildings. 06:20:58 LS War memorial w/ many steps, tourists. Shah & wife out of car, into ?? walking thru courtyard. Group standing in front of statue of ?? holding wreath. Motorcade leaving, row of industrial cranes on track. Power station & out of car looking at dam (?) or power station, CUs & MCUs. 06:22:13 River excursion boat from another. MCU of Shah & wife sitting w/ two men who point out sites. MCU of other women, USSR or ?? military officers 06:22:53 2-engine Russian plane arrives; Azerbeijan or ?? men w/ head wraps & robe-like shirts watch Shah, wife & others off plane. Receive flowers, natives applaud. Fountain w/ crowd watching as convertible w/ Shah leaves in motorcade w/ police escort, beneath banner welcoming to Uzbekistan. 06:24:06 In civilian clothes visiting collective farm, in potato Or ?? field, tractor cultivating. Journalists, farmers & politicians w/ him. Inside dairy barn. Walking w/ wife & others into kindergarten & girl doing folk dance while other young kids clap in rhythm. Large luncheon table. Toast raised. Slug. 06:26:05 POV across desert looking out of railroad car past USSR army soldiers, farm houses. Men reading letter. Through city. Military in freight car doorway receiving flowers from girls. Soldiers shake hands, kiss. People wave. Slug. 06:26:53 USSR Soviet meeting hall w/ delegates applauding. Khrushchev enters, Bulganin next to him. Pan down to Shah Pahlavi & Soraya watching. MCU CU w/ headset listening. Orientals listening. LS of delegates. ?? at microphone (MOS). Molotov & ?? behind K. CU men & women listening. Bulganin at mic (MOS). Cold War Diplomacy; 1950s; Royalty;

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