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Reel Number: 220922-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: N/A

Country: Russia,USSR


TC Begins: 06:00:00

TC Ends: 06:43:31

Duration: 00:43:31

Stalin 70th Birthday (1949) celebrations at Bolshoi theatre - Chairman Mao present - applause - various speeches - pioneers parade, children present flowers and say honours to Stalin. Ext. neon lights & crowd (Sd) 06:09:26 Russian steam train transporting prisoners - descend, walk up to Labour camp, gates close. (Sd) 06:10:38 Young Stalin with Kalinin and Kirov? & Trotsky? Bowing heads in respect to ? 06:11:13 Belomor Canal Construction, winter - CU Machinery - forced (slave) labour - int. camp barracks: clean, nice food etc. 06:12:47 Workers adrressed by guard?. GVs crowd standing (men & women), guards sitting. (Sd) 06:13:44 Visit by Stalin & Voroshilov to Belomor canal - watching ship pass. On board ship along canal. 06:15:56 (Patriotic song over) Felling trees - int. officials working in office (sync sd) - workers marching to work - breaking stones by forced labour for Canal construction, summer - band playing - Winter - vars. shots construction, breaking stone - human treadmills - Stalin on canal ship - Man addressing Belomor Canal workers in snow (Sd/Sil) - construction shots - camp band - near finished canal walls. 06:26:11 Death of Stalin report - gvs deserted Moscow; picture of Stalin in Newspaper; gvs Moscow; shots of crowd lining avenue; flags at half mast; people crying; shots of Russia very silent no traffic; no people; families listening to announcement of Stalin’s death on radio; woman crying; construction men reading newspaper announcement; crowds in Red square; Large photograph of Stalin; Crowds filing in to lying in state room; Stalin Lying in State; Dignitaries paying respect inc Khrushchev; wreaths being carried in; various shots of lying in state; GVs silent Moscow; gvs lying in state; coffin being carried out by soldiers (Sil) 06:32:22 Lenin’s death (21 Jan 1924) - funeral. Coffin carried through streets (crowds) by Stalin, Trotsky & others - lying in state. Wreaths etc. (Sil) 06:37:49 13th Party Congress leaders on Mausoleum (Sil) 06:40:27 Death of Stalin - newspaper picture - young Stalin talking (Sil) 06:41:10 Title: 21 October ?? - Karanovic, Kirov, ?, Kalinin, Stalin, ?, Khruschev Talking. 06:42:59 (Sd - narr re. Stalin) Picture of young ?. Still of map - Patriotic painting of young Stalin in uniform - Soldiers on horseback - chariots - older Stalin. Plane taking off.

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