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Moments In Washington

Reel Number: 221574-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1966

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 09:34:13

TC Ends: 09:47:02

Duration: 00:12:49

Moments In Washington - June 1966 visit of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to Washington, DC. Streets prepared for Royal visit - Saudi flags and welcome posters. Marine Honor guard on lawn. POV from helicopter arriving at White House. Welcoming ceremony fanfare played. Royal party arrives & President Johnson welcomes & shakes hands w/ cameras behind. 09:35:30 LBJ & Faisal on red carpet to podium on lawn. US national anthem played. LBJ SOF welcoming speech, attempts greeting in Arabic. LBJ speaks of long friendship w/ Saudi Arabia, MCUs. 09:37:28 King Faisal replies to welcome in Arabic; narrator translates. 09:38:53 Pennsylvania Avenue, military march past under welcoming arch. Marching bands, car carrying LBJ & King w/ Secret Service on bumper. Crowds on sidewalk watch parade. 09:39:33 Cars arrive at Blair House opposite White House & enter. King presented w/ Keys to the City of Washington in ceremony. Flag above. 09:40:11 Motorcycle police leading motorcade thru Washington along parkway & to Capitol. CU sign: Foreign Relations. Luncheon hosted by Senators Fulbright and Bourke Hickenlooper of Foreign Relations Committee. 09:40:40 Sec. of State Dean Rusk welcomes Faisal , State Department (?). LBJ is guest of honor at Embassy of Saudi Arabia - reception, posing, shaking hands. 09:41:24 White House ext w/ US Marine Honor Guard lining drive. Motorcade arrives & President in white tuxedo welcomes Faisal to formal dinner. Pose for press photographers; entering. 09:42:32 Honor Guard down stairs & LBJ & King pose en route to dinner. 09:42:57 Night - Firework display. President & King on balcony watch ceremonial military display on White House lawn. Troops wearing colonial / revolutionary uniforms w/ fife & bugle corps. More fireworks. 09:43:56 Islamic Center / mosque. King Faisal shown inside mosque’s Islamic architecture. King at prayer to Mecca. 09:45:00 American Press Writers & correspondents give King Faisal standing ovation as he enters banquet hall at Statler Hilton for luncheon & press conference. Faisal makes speech - v/o says he considered time he spent w/ President Johnson among the happiest and most delightful of my life. 09:45:43 Farewell ceremony on the Mall. Vice President Hubert Humphrey w/ King; montage of posing w/ various people. CU. King Faisal enters helicopter. Presidential helicopter takes off & turns above. The End. Middle East Diplomacy; Dictator; 1960s; State Visit;

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