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News In Brief - Mine Sweeper (Given to Japan); King Faisal Visits London

Reel Number: 221417-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1956

Country: England,Iraq,Japan,United Kingdom,USA

Location: California,London,San Francisco

TC Begins: 08:14:46

TC Ends: 08:15:37

Duration: 00:00:51

News In Brief - Mine Sweeper / Minesweeper (Given to Japan) No. 255 at Treasure Island Naval Base. Sailors off. Japanese sailors lined up at attention alongside; MCU. US flag lowered. Consul-General Kasuno (sp?) signs paperwork, accepts ship. Sailor board, salute, raise flag. Military Gift; Post-WWII; 08:15:37 King Faisal II of Iraq off train, greeted by Queen Elizabeth & Duke of Edinburgh on platform. Queen Mother & Princess Margaret & others. Prime Minister Anthony Eden. MCU of Faisal. Diplomacy; Middle East; Petroleum; Oil; Diplomatic Relations; Visit; 1956; Post-WW2;

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