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1930 - Feature Film: Danger Lights Pt. 1 of 3

Reel Number: 221466-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930,1930s

Country: USA

Location: Miles City,Montana,Mt

TC Begins: 10:14:39

TC Ends: 10:27:14

Duration: 00:12:35

1930 - Feature Film: Danger Lights Pt. 1 of 3 RKO Dir. George B. Seitz; Photo: Karl Struss; w/ Louis Wolheim, Robert Armstrong, Jean Arthur, Hugh Herbert & others. 55 min. version, orig. 74 min. Railroad comedy-drama w/ tug-of-war between steam engines, a 100 MPH race to Chicago, & what is believed to be the only film footage of a dynamometer. 10:15:23 Steam train out of tunnel, engineer sees mud slide or rock fall (model); brings train to stop. RR office, telegraph, arguments over whether to stop trains. Boss, Dan Thorn, in action. 10:17:25 Steam whistles, men run in rail yard & engines on turntables moved. Trains moving & out of yards in runby. (GOOD). 10:18:58 RR workers clearing tracks of boulders w/ RR crane car lifting large boulder. RR chief puts hoboes found on train to work, one refuses, knocked out w/ one punch. 10:21:26 Crane lifting large boulders. Track cleared, trains move off down canyon w/ smoke & steam. 10:22:58 In RR shop men working on engines, belligerent hobo is sleeping it off. RR chief reads letter belonging to hobo, shows he was recently fired from job as RR engineer for insubordination. Boss, Dan Thorn gives him job driving large steam engine. Good roundhouse & yard shots. Continued... Americana; Railroading; Entrepreneur Business Man; Stereotypes; 1930s Feature Film; Models; Special Effects;

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