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Leicester Square Protest following Thatcher’s death

Reel Number: 930100F

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 2013

Country: England,United Kingdom

Location: leicester squar,London

TC Begins: 00:00:00

TC Ends: 00:39:30

Duration: 00:39:30

Leicester Square Protest following Margaret Thatcher’s death Crowd gathers on Leicester Square Some police present. 00:00:46 Large Thatcher puppet carried over crowd. 00:02:09 2 men,1 woman dressed as vampires, hold sign “Blood-sucking vampire, Warmonger, destroyer of british industry…”. Crowd cheers. 00:03:28 Girl holds up sign “I’m here for the people she killed through poverty, despair policy and war”. 00:04:04 2 men hold sign “Thatchers gone, now let’s bury Thatcherism”. Man stands in front of sign and shows his bare bottom, smiling. Photographs taken. 00:04:44 Crowd in front of National Gallery, dancing to the sound of drums. Shots of band playing, crowd dancing and large soap-bubbles over crowd. 00:11:00 Girl in flamenco dress, climbs on National Gallery balcony. Crowd pushes her up as police officer shouts at her to get down. 00:11:51 Flamenco girl dances along balcony, to the sound of drums. Crowd cheers. 00:13:51 Flamenco girl and man dance along balcony. Drums carried away, pass in front of camera. 00:14:16 Police form cordon below balcony. 00:14:51 Flamenco girl jumps into crowd. Many camera flashes. 00:15:04 Man jumps too. 00:15:44 Girl in black and high-heels dances on balcony. 00:16:32 Thatcher’s head on a stick. Shots of crowd and police line. 00:20:54 Very dark shot of drunk flamenco girl talking to camera. 00:22:34 Smoke bomb let off in crowd. Shots of police. Crowd chants “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. Dead, dead, dead”. Argentinean flag. 00:26:21 Masked man carries anti-fascist flag. 00:26:37 Wide shot of square with National Gallery. Crowds, music in background. 00:28:40 Top-down shot of crowd dancing. 00:31:59 Man holds sign “Poll-tax riot”. 00:32:10 Man in Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask and hat, talks to camera. Anonymous flag carried in background. 00:33:13 Masked man stands over crowd and raises burning book (Thatcher’s biography?) over his head. Crowd cheers. Burning book carried through crowd. 00:34:20 Black girl dances over crowd. Argentinean flag. 00:35:39 Burning book held up. Photographs taken. 00:37:52 Very young girl with t-shirt “Cameron &Clegg, putting the N in cuts”. 00:38:05 Black girl dances over crowd. End.

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