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1987 - Color, USSR: Soviet Military Power

Reel Number: H2054-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1987,1980s

Country: Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 02:01:00

TC Ends: 02:11:02

Duration: 00:10:02

1987 - Color, USSR: Soviet Military Power Pan exterior of USSR nuclear submarine; Gorbachev & wife boarding w/ Soviet military officers; salutes sailors and receives model of submarine. Still photograph of Typhoon type guided misslie sub. 02:01:43 Title: Soviet Military Power. Tanks parading thru Red Square w/ flags & saluting crew. 02:02:21 Superimposed illustration rail mobile missile MOD-1 XL-17 rocket; Yankee class submarine & sea launch missile 02:02:58 Kiev class aircraft carrier. Illustration of various aircraft. Footage of AN-1 Condor Heavy Lift transport aircraft in flight. 02:03:34 Title: Nuclear Forces. Gorbachev at desk talking, translated (CNN cannot sell) 02:03:58 Illustrations, maps, globe & aircraft. Tupolev Tu-95 long range Bear H bomber ln flight. Illustration of Blackjack bomber. 02:04:40 Title: Strategic Defense Forces. Gorbachev speaking & translated w/ voice over about how USSR is doing basic research as is the United States w/ SDI. 02:05:05 Illustration of futuristic weapons / future laser space weapons, satellites, etc. Illustrated map & title: Moscow Ballistic Missile Defense showing two rings of missiles. Stills of phased array radar system for defense; patterns of radars surrounding USSR. 02:06:49 Title: Space Forces. Rocket launching behind explanation title re peaceful exploration of space. Stills & diagrams of rockets, tanks. T64 & T80 tanks demonstrated on dirt field; parked w/ crews working on them. 02:08:50 Self propelled gun over snow, turning. Illustration of rocket launchers firing. Man in chemical warfare protective suit climbing out of tank hatch; others ridding on tanks. 02:09:26 Soviet naval ship - destroyers; largest cruiser in world; helicopters. Soviet submarines from overhead. Aircraft carrier & VSTOL plane taking off; illustration. 02:10:48 US weapons. Anti-Communist Propaganda; Communism; Cold War; Military Strength Escalation; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. Can NOT provide 02:03:4? - 02:03:58 (has CNN logo).

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