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England (Muhammad Ali Arrives); Germany (automobile stunt driving) (1966)

Reel Number: 221722-34

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1966

Country: England,United Kingdom


TC Begins: 05:29:21

TC Ends: 05:31:41

Duration: 00:02:20

Title: England (Muhammad Ali Arrives); Germany (automobile stunt driving) (1966) TWA passenger jet turning on tarmac; press photographers. Muhammad Ali off plane waving, others follow. Arriving for championship fight w/ Henry Cooper. 05:29:54 CU Henry Cooper training, skipping rope, punching light speed bag. 05:30:15 Title: Germany 05:30:17 Car / sedan smashing into several others; fire truck as car burns & driver walks away. Another sedan over ramp & into back of parked car, rolls several times & driver out. 05:30:39 Volkswagen over ramp & into air rolling over several times. MCU of spectators w/ mouths open, gasping. Frenchman, Gil Delamare out. 05:31:06 Gets into another car & camera in car as he goes over ramp & roll over. Driver waves from on top of underside of car. 05:31:32 The End. Heavyweight Boxers; Boxing Training; Automobile Stunts; Stunt Driver; Movie Stunt Man; Oddities; Automobile Safety; NOTE: Died in automobile stunt, 31May66.

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