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Vietnam War - 1965, LBJ Press Conference Excerpts Mixed W/ Footage R1 of 3

Reel Number: H2005-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1965

Country: England,France,Germany,Italy,Switzerland,United Kingdom,USA,USSR,Vietnam

Location: Geneva

TC Begins: 01:11:09

TC Ends: 01:20:56

Duration: 00:09:47

Vietnam War - 1965, LBJ Press Conference Excerpts Mixed W/ Footage R1 of 3 Sprocket noise behind LBJ Press Conference opening: “Not long ago...that I don't understand. Why?" 01:11:46 Title. 01:12:06 Montage: Hitler & Mussolinni ride in parade, Chamberlin out of plane & up Berchtesgaden steps, saluting Hitler & Mussolini on balcony etc. Chamberlin, wreckage of WWII; Ethiopia fighting; League of Nations; etc. 01:13:33 Montage: Night & artillery explosions; Korean War battle scenes. 01:14:04 LBJ (sprocket noise behind): Why must young Americans, born into a land exultant w/ hope & w/ golden promise, toil and suffer and sometimes die in such a remote and distant place? The answer, like the war itself, is not an easy one, but it echoes clearly from the painful lessons of half a century. Three times in my lifetime, in two World Wars & in Korea, Americans have gone to far lands to fight for freedom. We have learned at a terrible & a brutal cost that retreat does not bring safety & weakness does not bring peace. 01:15:13 Aerials, Dien Bien Phu; four-engine French plane; paratroops & supplies dropped. French artillery firing, infantry thru bamboo, wounded carried, Vietnamese. French officers crossing bridge to surrender . Vietnamese troops. 01:16:20 Geneva Conference, 1954 w/ four-sided conference table, peace signing w/ French, Russians, Chinese. CU Vietnamese signing Geneva Accords & signatures; Molotov shaking hands w/ Chinese . 01:16:44 Vietnamese refugees w/ boxes, crates, goods walking; on shipboard; on US Navy ship; down gangway. 01:17:32 Vietnam map w/ 17th Parallel, pull back to location w/ other Southeast Asia countries. 01:17:44 Montage: Scenic aerials of mountains. Ho Chi Minh greeting many small children on steps & sitting on lawn. Farmers working, building huts; well-dressed men & women voting at ballot box. Bags w/ label Phan Hoa-Hoc & US AID logo, refugee camp; men looking at hand plows, two man saws, cutting grain/rice, carry on poles, poling boats, Chinese junks. 01:19:33 Ceremony in wide street w/ 8 flagpoles & small crowd. Int w/ John Foster Dulles in white suit reading notes, other delegates & observers behind. Pact / agreement signing. 01:19:50 Woman stacking cement blocks; men building. French car w/ window shot out, body, bullet holes in building. 01:20:21 CU Viet Cong feet on stones, North Vietnam soldiers along path; burning hut. Smoking debris, stills of bodies on ground including babies. Picture of Ho Chi Minh Work print but good quality except sound no good. NOTE: Good action footage.

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