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Main Line News

Reel Number: 220320-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1939



TC Begins: 06:18:20

TC Ends: 06:22:32

Duration: 00:04:12

Main Line News Titles Lower Merion Commissioners witness crack field manoeuvres as township police and fire departments hold fifth annual inspection. South Aramore ? June 1939 Fire officers on parade ground Titles - Members of the commission present included William McConaghy - Col. J.B. Mustin - C. Brooke Jones - Geo. W. Brown - H.V.B. Gallager - John H. Jeffries Jr. - Erskine Bains and others 06:19:25 Shots of above Titles - The drill corps presents arms as President Zieget and Superintendent Gearhart inspect the company’s equipment. 06:19:50 shots of above Titles - The drill team manoeuvres under the direction of Lt. Clarence E. Robb 06:20:26 Shots Drill team marching - spectators Titles - Officers give an exhibition of jiu jitsu tactics 06:21:10 Shots of above - policeman “ arrests “ men Titles - Fire department apparatus and personnel were at their best 06:21:44 Fire brigade at attention commissioners inspect - fire trucks past camera

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