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WWII - 1944, Europe: Personalities In The War News

Reel Number: 220470-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: France,Germany,USA

Location: Belfort

TC Begins: 05:17:40

TC Ends: 05:18:51

Duration: 00:01:11

WWII - 1944, Europe: Generals; Civilian Woman Awarded Croix de Guerre; UNRRA Intertitle: Personalities In The War News. 05:17:45 Mixed Allied soldiers parade w/ flags honoring Mme Theirn; French women applauding. 05:17:52 Intertitle: Mademoiselle Theirn - Saved 500 Frenchmen from Nazis. Over picture standing at attention w/ Allied soldiers w/ flags behind. 05:17:57 Awarded Croix de Guerre at ceremony on town square. Kissed on cheeks by General ? 05:18:03 Intertitle: General Devers - Visits Liberated Belfort. 05:18:07 Gets flowers from Alsatian woman in traditional costume, small girl watches General kissing her on both cheeks. 05:18:19 Intertitle: Herbert Lehman at Third Army Front. Lehman as Director of UNRRA w/ Gen. Patton. 05:18:25 Intertitle: General Hodges Faces Critical Situation. Walks past camera across field, into car. 05:18:35 Intertitle: General Bradley Inspects Fighting Fronts. W/ other Generals out of camouflaged bunker, slowly past camera, CUs. WW2; 1944; Allies; NOTE: Titles are superimposed over film pictures for much but good shots.

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