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1987 - Color, Cold War, USA: Strategic Defense Initiative, Zenith Star: Experiment In Space. 24Nov87

Reel Number: H2054-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1987,1980s

Country: USA

Location: Colorado,Denver

TC Begins: 02:26:35

TC Ends: 02:34:28

Duration: 00:07:53

1987 - Color, Cold War, USA: Strategic Defense Initiative, Zenith Star: Experiment In Space. 24Nov87 24Nov87 President Reagan speaking, SOF, to Martin Marietta employees: “I want you to know that what you accomplish will be put to good use in protecting your country, the free world, and perhaps all mankind against the threat of nuclear holocaust. You're not working to build a bargaining chip. It will not be traded away.” applause. 02:27:04 LS Reagan & spectators in front of mock up of North Star; CU listeners; Reagon looking at SDI Zenith Star spaced-based laser experiment. Animated diagrams / illustrations. Actual laser seen; defense missiles; TRW & Lockheed logos on illustration. Dr. William Graham speaks, SOF, about the mockup display explaining the parts. CU Reagan listening. 02:28:57 Montage of high technology equipment & constructing & testing lasers. Destroying simulated space booster. Animation. Mirror diagrams; tracking space based lasers. Ground testing. Illustration of space craft for testing. Beam expander described. 02:31:05 Launching rocket; animated diagram of rocket, Zenith Star being assembled from earth by docking, testing. 02:32:09 Technicians working at computer & w/ notebooks. Title: ...Not an ABM system. Not an ABM component... etc. ...no capability to counter strategic missiles. Cutaways of various parts in space. 02:33:36 Photo montage of government officials supporting President’s idea. Reagan speaking: I”'d say that what we spend to protect ourselves from nuclear missiles is much lighter than the cost, human and otherwise, if even one nuclear missile is fired, even if by mistake, and we have to suffer the consequences, because there's no way to stop it. In the case of SDI, America cannot afford not to do everything necessary to develop this missile defense system and put it into operation.” Applause. 02:34:22 Title: Martin Marietta. Star Wars; Strategic Defense Initiative Organization; SDI; Cold War; 1980s; Simulation; Self Promotion; Propaganda; Orbital Laser Platform; Defense Contractor; NOTE: Martin Marietta won contract two months later, Jan88, over Rockwell International. NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. Good color & interesting, but very short scenes.

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