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McClellan Hearing w/ Carlos Marcello

Reel Number: 221178-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1959

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 10:06:14

TC Ends: 10:06:58

Duration: 00:00:44

McClellan Hearing w/ Carlos Marcello Long shot of committee hearing room, audience w/ FBI; CU of ??. 10:06:27 Marcello in dark glasses sworn in & sitting at table w/ lawyer(s). Senator John McClellan speaking, w/ Robert Kennedy beside him. CU Marcello. 10:06:41 Men taking notes. Man w/ wavy hair sits down at witness table, questioned by Bobby Kennedy. Senate Hearings; Organized Crime; Crime Syndicate; Murder Inc.; Mafia; Underworld; Gangsters;

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