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1950s - Indochina War: Chien Thang Dien Bien Phu (Victory At Dien Bien Phu) R1 of 3, Card 2 of 3

Reel Number: H1907-01-P2

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1954,1964,1950s

Country: Canada,China,India,Laos,Vietnam

Location: Binh,Chau,Khet,Lai,Ninh,Tha,Thakhet

TC Begins: 03:00:17

TC Ends: 03:30:38

Duration: 00:30:21

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk 1950s - Indochina War R1 of 3, Card 2 of 3 03:10:57 Continued... Mist; large waterfalls; mountains. LS Ho Chi Minh on porch. CU at typewriter. Nature shots of stream, white dove - intercut w/ Ho. CU Ho & others (General Giap ?) at table on porch w/ map: talking, planning. Ho w/ pointer at wall map, points to northern corner against Laos; other parts of map animated. 03:13:19 Two men talking one w/ beret. CU Ho’s Remington typewriter; zoom in on newspaper dated: 11-15Oct52, headline Phai pha tan... Another: Chung Ta Phai Pha Tan... 03:13:38 Man speaking, pan large group of men listening. CU photograph of Asian map (previously seen much older meeting w/ Ho. Stills of Communist banner behind speaker at meeting. 03:13:49 Women in black & others digging, moving dirt; in canoes damming stream / river. Building fortifications, setting mines; celebrating, marching w/ banner along rice paddy. MCU happy peasants w/ flags. Pounding signs into field w/ flag. 03:15:03 Pan across men listening to man lecture outdoors w/ weapons, group chants response. Soldiers training w/ bayonet on rifle; others rifle training. Singing, cheering, making camouflage. Cleaning weapons & assembling, applauding. Ho Chi Minh in jungle talking to soldiers & responding. CUs. GOOD. 03:16:54 CU writing w/ pen & ink on paper (not legible). Troops in CU; MS soldiers in front of banner: Tat Ca Vi Dang. Massed soldiers getting flag; cheering, etc. 03:17:31 Explosion of dirt. French personnel carriers moving; moved by boats. Still photo of Vice President Nixon & Black US Army soldier in Indochina. Map w/ Ninh-Binh (Red River Delta) label blinking & animated arrow moving southwest. Pull back to Lai-Chau blinking in Northwest Vietnam & animated arrow to it. 03:18:09 Jungle w/ long line of camouflaged peasant troops moving past, crossing streams & up mountain path; running thru village. 03:18:41 Air to air: Tri-motor JU52 airplane dropping bombs; paratroops out of large French planes. Shot from ground. From above & ground of many parachutes descending, landing. 03:19:20 Peasants run from burning buildings; dead. Wounded women & children. Burying dead. Refugees. 03:19:47 Animated map w/ Dien Bien Phu, animated parachutes, arrows showing movements. War illustrations. Happy peasants applauding Viet Minh troops thru village. 03:20:36 Map w/ Tha-Khet, Laos blinking & animated arrows. 03:20:42 Soldiers running forward, throw grenades, run w/ flags. Newspaper montage re Pathet Lao., dated 11Nov53 . Map w/ Se-No blinking & shadow of bomber over; arrows. Newspaper article, more arrows. 03:21:35 European soldiers wading ashore, moving into / thru jungle, mine detecting & removal, removing barricades & army truck pushing thru. Map w/ Cong-Tum; newspaper article. Map w/ Po-Le-Cu. Explosions & fighting, night. (staged & actuality). Viet Minh taking prisoners. Peasants applaud. 03:22:47 R1 Continued on next card. Historical Documentary Film; Revolution; Insurrection; History; Southeast Asia; French Colonialism; Anti-Colonial; French Indochina War; Hero; Celebrity; 1950s; NOTE: Print is contrasty & has some intermittent water or ?? damage; unusual action footage. First French Indochina War fought 19Dec46 to 01Aug54. Viet Minh fought low-level insurgency till 1949 when Chinese Communists reached northern border, then it became modern conflict w/ sides supplied by USA & USSR. NOTE: Partial or entire 03:00:17 - 03:30:38 (3 cards) sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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