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1950 - USA Government Documentary: Fire Power Narrated by Edward R Murrow Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 250110-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950

Country: USA


TC Begins: 02:28:43

TC Ends: 02:43:20

Duration: 00:14:37

Pt 1 of 2 Montage: Manhattan aerial over skyscrapers; factory; milk cows in field; workers up shipyard scaffolding; coal train, loggers fall large tree. Aerial of Washington DC mall lined w/ barracks. Woman at currency printing presses in mint w/ sheets of bills; factory chimneys; grain harvest; factories & assembly lines. 02:29:33 Montage: Men at recruiting; massed military parade, MCU Communist Soldiers parading w/ rifles, high angle Red Square parade; Chinese troops marching w/ bayonets. 02:30:01 Wooden residential housing construction to split screen w/ US Army marching. Shots of construction; completed suburban housing; interior of house w/ large family. 02:30:29 Frontiersman puts rifle on wall of log cabin. 02:30:31 Title: US Army Reserve Presents Fire Power - Narrated by Edward R Murrow. 02:30:55 Soldiers beside atomic cannon under camouflage in woods. Crew around it, hoisting shell, loading & siting. Man on field telephone gives signal, fires. 02:31:42 Mushroom cloud rising in Nevada desert. 02:31:51 Illustrations of David & Goliath story. Catapult & walled town. Other historical weapons. 02:33:07 Footage of Knights riding & jousting; men making crossbows. Swiss firing. Illustrations of long bows. Firecrackers. Illustrations of gunpowder & cannons. 02:34:14 Silhouetted Revolutionary War soldiers loading cannons. Illustrations. 02:34:35 Footage of costumed man loading musket. Costumed soldiers moving large cannons. Etchings of Napoleon & troops w/ cannons, horseback, troops. Gen. Braddock, George Washington & Revolutionary War troops in illustrations & re-creation staged & filmed intercut. 02:37:40 Rapid fire guns in museum. Gatling gun. Spanish American War illustrations. Roosevelt’s Rough Riders & TR speaking. Turn of Century American street scene; early outdoor prize fight / boxing. 02:38:46 WW1 soldiers enlisting, marching, drilling w/ wooden rifles. Doughboys w/ machine guns & grenades. Large German railroad gun used in shelling Paris, WWII, firing. 02:39:45 Training for WWII, man cuts down tree w/ machine gun. Montage of troops & equipment in battle. 02:40:09 Military cemetery. Pershing & other military & civilian VIPs in France. Versailles. 1920s peace conference / Kellogg . President Harding. 02:40:40 Nazi parade, 1930s. Hitler & others. 02:40:52 Men hunting ducks. Men in CCC winter training camp; cutting down trees (Vermont?). German guns in North Africa & destroyed tanks. Japanese fighting in Corregidor. 02:42:00 Armament factories; military parades w/ equipment pre-WW2. Army tanks down road & fighting in Europe & Pacific. German surrender; Japanese surrender. Troops home, kisses, hugs. Continued... Cold War; Anti-Communist; Communism; Americana; Patriotism; Patriotic; Education; Defensive Strength; US Military History; Defensive Strength; 1950 USA Government Propaganda; Documentary Film; NOTE: Any continuous 13 minutes of entire film sold at per reel rate.

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