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Sculptor’s Nightmare, The

Reel Number: 220601-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1908

Country: USA

Location: Studio, NYC

TC Begins: 09:41:21

TC Ends: 09:52:25

Duration: 00:11:04

Sculptor’s Nightmare, The 18 - 20 April 1908 Cast: DW Griffith & Mack Sennett. In political club with members at table arguing on whose bust will replace Theodore Roosevelt’s, seen in BG under flags. Men hold signs for Taft, Bryan over statue, fight and leave. Men arrive in sculptor’s studio where he works w/ model at sculpture of Liberty, each tries to bribe the artist and cause havoc in studio. Sculptor and model arrive in fancy restaurant. Sculptor is drunk, drinks more. Model’s mother fetches daughter and hits sculptor w/ umbrella, policeman arrest him. Police put sculptor in jail. Sculptor falls asleep in cell, three mounds of clay on pedestals appear and take shape as animated busts of Bryan, Fairbanks and Taft, all smoking cigars. Sculptor wakes up and drinks wine. Statues disappear. New mound of clay on pedestal appears and sculpts itself into an animated teddy bear, then turns into Theodore Roosevelt, lips moving. Artist wakes and bust disappears. political satire Stop action photography.

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