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Story of A Transport R2 of 2

Reel Number: 220418-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1936-1944

Country: Germany,Japan,Singapore,USA

Location: Florida,Hamburg,New York City,Singapore

TC Begins: 12:45:37

TC Ends: 12:57:17

Duration: 00:11:40

R2 of 2 12:45:37 SS Manhattan (Wakefield) Flashbacks show the Wakefield as the liner Manhattan stills show luxury on board liner. Launch of USS Manhattan being christened by Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt; leaving on maiden voyage at night. 12:46:43 Dancing on deck (GOOD). Famous passengers Babe Ruth, Jimmy Walker, Douglas Corrigan. 15Jul1936 American athletes on board sailing to Olympic Games in Berlin play shuffleboards & sitting talking. Glenn Cunningham, Jesse Owens. Disembarking in Hamburg and received by German officials, Nazi flag flying. 10Jan1938 USS Manhattan returning from Europe. Reporters & photographers board ship to interview returning Ambassador to Germany William E. Dodd. Dodd makes statement re Nazism and world crisis “greatest crisis since the first Napoleon.” (SOF). Newspaper headlines: England declares war on Germany. 30Sept1939 - decks crowded w/ Americans returning to US from Europe after war declared. Steaming into New York harbor. 12:48:41 12Jan1941 The liner stuck on a reef off Florida. Passengers transfer to coast guard launches. Seen from shore. 12Aug1941 SS Manhattan now the troop ship USS Wakefield (AP-21) loaded w/ soldiers arrives in New York. Troops disembark from maneuvers. 29Jan1942 Singapore harbor scenes. The Wakefield, unloading troops, is bombed by Japanese planes in Singapore, B-deck damaged. Coffins of five dead. 12:50:16 03Sep1942 Wakefield is gutted by fire in 1942 burning off New England coast. May 1944 Wakefield undergoing final repairs, shipyard workers welding - ship in drydock - shots show modifications to transport ship. Night or dusk shots ship at sea. Silhouettes crew. Below decks & GIs in bunks. 12:52:18 Deck shots, spotters look for enemy aircraft. Aircraft spotted - it is an allied one. Signaler / signalman. Troops cheer as they sight land. Soldiers aboard ship attend religious services, take communion & issued K rations. Coast Guard captain uses loudspeaker system to speak to troops he has transported. Troops listen; disembark w/ duffle bags / kitbags down gangway, along dock. Ship’s officers plan quartering of men for next trip. German POWs embark on USS Wakefield (AP-21) for US prisons on deck. Eat in mess room. AV ship at sea. Navy blimp (dirigible) over USS Wakefield (AP-21) as she returns to New York. German POWs disembarking. AVs Wakelfield. Prisoners off w/ tags. 7th War Bond appeal w/ montage of hips in various situations from construction to transporting men & equipment. Men landing. The end. WWII; 1936 Olympics; WW2 Prisoners of War / POWs; Troop transport; Converted 2-stack liner;

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