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TR in Norway and Denmark, 1910 1

Reel Number: 220997-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910

Country: Denmark,Norway

Location: Copenhagen,Oslo

TC Begins: 10:24:17

TC Ends: 10:32:02

Duration: 00:07:45

TR in Norway and Denmark, 1910 1 Carriage pulled by two horses, Theodore Roosevelt gets in with Crown Prince (?) out of railway Station in Christiania (Oslo). Still photographers take pictures. Two women, one w/ bouquet, out of railway station into carriage, carriage leaves. Third carriage arrives and collects two women and one man in top hat. Fourth carriage arrives to pick up two men and one woman. The group included King Haakon, Edith Roosevelt, Queen Maud, Ethel Roosevelt, Kermit Roosevelt and others. LS of 3 or 4 carriages in front of station. Carriage through street lined with people watching. Sign ‘Tobak’ (tobacco) on building. 10:26:20 Carriage from left w/ TR, trees in BG, stop in front of large stone building; National Theatre where TR is to deliver his acceptance speech for the 1906 Nobel Peace prize? TR and Kermit (?) exit and into building as carriage leaves. Others follow. 10:27:20 Large, more modern stone building in town centre, slow pan across very large crowd. 10:27:45 COPENHAGEN: TR and others out of brick building and into carriage, leave through crowd (train station?) Others from same party follow. Carriage through large plaza. Arrive at palace of Christian VII in automobile and exit car. Handshakes. Danish crowd outside palace. Copenhagen: Crown Prince and TR get into horse-drawn carriage, drive off through large square w/ crowd watching. Arrive at Palace of Christian VII (Frederiksborg Castle?) in automobile, out of car. TR w/ Danish crowd. People look at camera - faces. 10:29:28 Through seaside town of Helsingor to old castle of Kronborg w/ troops escort. TR walks through large wooden door past camera leaving Kronborg Castle, Denmark. TR on car park getting into car. 10:30:09 TR out of car up gangway to board steamer Queen Maud with Dr and Mrs Egan, shot from onboard ship, and from dock. Ship leaving. Past large stone castle (Kronborg) and point of rock. 10:31:13 Ship with single stack puffing black smoke. Shots from aboard return to Copenhagen. Past naval ship low in water w/ Danish flag. 10:31:40 TR down gangway to carriage w/ other man, crowd on dock. 1910s. Early Travel / Tourism. Scandinavia.

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