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1947 - HUAC Hearings - Walt Disney, 24Oct47

Reel Number: 221262-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1947

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 09:09:13

TC Ends: 09:16:17

Duration: 00:07:04

1947 - HUAC Hearings - Walt Disney, 24Oct47 Printer ride throughout. Walt Disney testifying. Tells of selling 3 LITTLE PIGS to USSR, and others turned back or rejected. Talks about union coming in--that Disney refused to sign w/ Herbert K. Sorrell. Disney called an election but Sorrell called a strike. He said he’d make a “dust bowl” out of his plant. 09:12:25 Disney says he thinks he was a Communist. Commie-front organizations: League of Women Voters, People’s World, Daily Worker, PM Magazine in New York, Commie periodicals in South America, etc. 09:14:09 “I don’t believe its a political party; I believe its an un-American thing.” Disney resents that they 'take over the unions.' 09:16:13 People leaving. Anti-Communism; Hollywood Hearings; National Labor Board; Hollywood Investigations;

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