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West Coast USA & LA

Reel Number: 270003-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 2003

Country: USA

Location: big sur,California,pacific ocean Los angeles

TC Begins: 05:30:45

TC Ends: 05:47:01

Duration: 00:16:16

West Coast USA & LA 05:30:45 California coast line + Pacific ocean near Big Sur. 05:31:42 Los Angeles - Walt Disney Concert Hall (just before opening on October 2003 - designed by Frank Gehry) - various angles - against downtown Los Angeles. 05:34:23 Interior Cathedral - downtown LA, view thru window onto freeway, etched angels on glass. Exterior cafe (bright plastic chairs and waterfall). 05:36:28 Walk thru performing arts complex, buskers (Black) singing popular songs thru audience requests - joke with audience. People at cafes, bar; fountains and little boy interacting with the rising and falling water jets. 05:42:45 Traveling shots from car thru downtown LA - many homeless in cardboard boxes and tents - whole homeless city. 05:43:50 Traveling shots from car thru many different LA neighborhoods, downtown, Venice - street and road scenes - shops, gas stations, traffic, garage, residential neighborhoods. architecture, inner city, skyscrapers, poverty; home movies; 2003; NOTE: Sold one continuous minute for use in one production only at per reel rate.

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