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WWII - 1941, German Newsreel: Invasion of USSR. 22Jun41

Reel Number: 221193-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Germany,Lithuania,Russia,USSR

Location: Berlin,kaunas,Kovno,River Sann

TC Begins: 07:00:06

TC Ends: 07:14:04

Duration: 00:13:58

WWII - 1941, German Newsreel: Invasion of USSR. 22Jun41 Germany. CU clock at 5.27, early morning scenes of empty streets. Propaganda Ministry; night watchman, delivering milk. EXT Broadcasting House, INT technician at dials of radio equipment; radio antennas, CU clock ticking to 5:30. Goebbels into room in Ministry flanked by members from all three armed services, makes radio broadcast re invasion of Russia MOS. German citizens listen to car radios in street. Von Ribbentrop makes announcement at press conference of foreign journalists not heard. Newspapers delivered w/ headline ‘...Soldaten der Ostfront!’ read by soldier. 07:01:34 Map of Russia & Germany, border marked from Finland down to Romania. Night artillery barrage fired. Wooden border wall dismantled at East Prussian town of Eydtkuhnen or Eydtkau. German tanks & troops advance under fire. 07:03:22 Sign Kaunas / Kovno (Lithuania); German troops pose w/ Lithuanian crest. Street fighting scenes between German troops & Siberian snipers. German equipment advances, buildings burning. Wounded. 07:04:36 Russian POWs taken. German troops at border pontoon bridge. Troops firing small artillery from railroad tracks. Large railroad bridge & wooden planks laid on rails, convoy proceeds w/ trucks pulling heavy guns. German motorcycle troops past windmill. Roadside heavy guns firing on Brest-Litovsk across river. 07:07:58 Border sign at bridge over River Sann - Soviet border maker. Sign: Grenze. 07:08:23 German troops remove Russian explosive charges. Tanks across bridge w/ track on rail. Russian POWs many only in socks, hurried & marched across bridge & standing in crowd w/ hands up. 07:10:07 German Air Force preparations for first mission against Soviets, bombs carried & towed on carts; loaded. Luftwaffe Heinkel He-111 bombers take off; in flight above clouds; aerial views Russia; INT gunner & navigator in cabin; over river & fields. (GOOD). 07:12:04 Various shots from above of bombs drop out of planes; smoke over targets on ground. Burning factories or warehouses. More air to air shots Heinkel bombers in dropping bombs, explosions & formation. The End. WW2; Russia / USSR; Nazi Occupation; Military Aviation; Fighting; Invasion; Eastern Front; Barbarossa; NOTE: Partial or entire card sold at per reel rate. NOTE: In our experience German Nazi era material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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