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WWII - 1941, Germany: Invasion of USSR; Meeting w/ Petain & Laval; Franco; Minsk; Declaration of War on US

Reel Number: 221366-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: France,Germany,Spain,USSR


TC Begins: 04:00:01

TC Ends: 04:10:03

Duration: 00:10:02

WWII Germany: Invasion of USSR; Meeting w/ Petain & Laval; Franco; Minsk; Declaration of War on US 04:00:08 22Jun41 05:28 on clock CU. Germany early morning, empty streets, Reichschancellery - Delivering milk - ext . Broadcasting House, interior technician at dials - radio equipment & exterior radio masts, clock ticking. Goebbels into room & makes radio broadcast re invasion of Russia. German citizens listening to car radios. 15:01:22 Von Ribbentrop makes announcement at press conference. Newspapers delivered - newspaper headlines. Map showing Russia & Germany. Night barrage - artillery. Border opened - German advance - tanks & troops. Burning building. WWII Operation Barbarossa Beginning; 04:03:24 Oct41 Meeting w/ Petain, Laval & Franco in France 04:03:?? Troops at attention, Petain out of car, salutes & shakes hands w/ Germans. Laval behind him. Hitler shakes hands. Inside railroad car, Hitler w/ German military officers laughing. POV into Hendaye, France. On railroad platform, Spanish train arrives w/ Franco & hand shaking, German translating. Saluting & receiving line along platform reviewing soldiers. All board railroad car. Close shade. WWII Axis Meeting; 04:06:01 Vist To A Camp Near Minsk 04:06:07 Himmler & other SS tour camp, review troops guarding & wave to inmates on balcony. POV along streets. Look at grain crop, talk to peasants & view tractor. Ride in car w/ huge building behind; destroyed village. Into camp & w/ others talk to men behind barbed wire. Inmates sitting watching; many lay by fence. 04:08:28 11Dec41 Declaration of War On The United States Nazi flags hanging; Hitler & others past troops saluting; into Reichstag & seated. Officers stand & cheer; Hitler speaks (MOS - German narration) Men listening, applauding. Japanese listening. War Crimes Evidence Reel - Nazi Plan; 1941; WW2;

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