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WWII - 1941, Germany: Newsreel re Captured Soviets; Tank Battle; Brest Fighting; River Sam

Reel Number: 221134-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Belarus,France,Germany,Lithuania,Poland,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Belarus,Brest,gRODNO / HRODNA,Lemberg / Lvov,Lithuania,LITOVSK,lUTZK / lUTSK,Minsk

TC Begins: 14:59:34

TC Ends: 15:10:08

Duration: 00:10:34

WWII - 1941, Germany: Newsreel re Captured Soviets; Tank Battle; Brest Fighting; River Sam Cont’d. Russian PoWs outside captured Soviet bunkers, some rubbled by shelling. German troops give Nazi salute at grave of comrade; helmet on cross. German tanks advance across pontoon bridge & along countryside road towards Grodno / Hrodna, Byelorussia. Convoy including armored four-track troop carrier. 15:01:10 POV on vehicle across river bridge as Germans arrive in Grodno - damaged bridge & burning buildings. Map showing advance on Minsk. Tank convoy along dusty roads; German troops wave at troops roadside. Tank battle in grassy field, burning village & Soviet tanks. Blowing grain. Infantry advance along road. Prisoners taken & marched along road, questioned by Germans. Map shows advance on Brest-Litovsk. 15:03:54 Heavy guns fired at outskirts of Brest, infantry advance fighting & in foxholes, burning buildings. Small group of Soviet soldiers surrender w/ white flags. German troops climb across bombed bridge using rope. 15:05:38 Wounded Soviet troops, PoWs under guard; one rolls cigarette. Street fighting around city, bullets flying - snipers. Stable full of dead horses. Dead Soviets. POWs marched down street. German guard outside Brest-Litovsk city hall. 15:07:08 Street scene w/ smiling women. Map shows advance on Lemberg Lvov & Luzk Lutsk in Ukraine / Poland. German troops construct pontoon bridge over river Sam. Troops through bomb-damaged Lutzk. Tank & four-track convoy across rough terrain of rutted dirt roads. Destroyed Soviet tanks & heavy artillery. Bodies in ditch. Old artillery abandoned. Cont’d... WW2; Eastern Front; Russia / USSR; Operation Barbarossa; NOTE: Partial or entire card sold at per reel rate NOTE: In our experience German Nazi era material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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