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WWII - 1942, Die Deutsche Wochenschau No.601 Mar42 Reel 2

Reel Number: 221237-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: At sea [off dutch coast],Bjelgorod

TC Begins: 09:10:01

TC Ends: 09:25:10

Duration: 00:15:09

Die Deutsche Wochenschau No.601 Mar42 Reel 2 Cont’d... warships at sea off Dutch coast, barrage balloons above. Alarm raised as Allied (British) bomber sighted; crew to battle stations, anti-aircraft fire. Depth charges. Planes in formation. Wounded crewman on deck, treated; good CU Nazi officer looking thru binoculars. 09:12:44 Shelters constructed on beach Kuban bridgehead ? by the Black Seal Sign Spatenbraeu Muenchen VO “a dream under the hot sun” - SB is beer brand. Bunker camouflaged w/ sand, Nazi eagle symbols created using pebbles. Troops run to coastal gun emplacements to defend against Russian Ships - heavy fire. Air to air & air to ground shots Junkers Stukas (GOOD) in flight inc. gun camera footage firing at enemy targets along coast. 09:15:19 Map of Eastern Front around Kursk, Orel & Bjelgorod, Russia. German anti-aircraft tanks in field - aerial dogfight above; Allied planes shot down, pan across dozens of tanks at dusk. 09:16:56 Waffen-SS troops & officers; watch tank advance across field w/ motorcycle troops. Tank battle as dogfight continues above - traveling shot from tank moving down road, soldiers sitting on front w/ puppy. 09:20:52 Soviet tank blown up, German troops go to investigate; heavy smoke floats across battlefield. Russian troops surrender. PoWs marched w/ hands up & under guard - long line of prisoners marching down road. 09:22:51 Wrecked Soviet equipment & bodies in trench. German soldiers resting, smiling. Grenades handed out. More tanks firing from abandoned village. CU soldier out of trench. Ground-based rocket launcher. The End. (Very GOOD reel) WWII Fighting; WW2 Russia / USSR; Barbarossa; Eastern Front;

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