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The Road to the Wall Part 2 of 3

Reel Number: 220309-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1910s-1940s

Country: France,Germany,Mexico,Poland,Russia,USSR

Location: Coyoacan,Kronstadt,St. Petersburg / Petrograd

TC Begins: 13:06:12

TC Ends: 13:17:37

Duration: 00:11:25

The Road to the Wall Part 2 of 3 13:06:12 Russian Civil war fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still Tzar’s family w/ hammer and sickle superimposed. Secret police searching suspects. Firing squad. Lenin with cat, dubbed in English. Dora Kaplan, newspaper headlines re assassination attempt. Red army parade? Map of world, Kronstadt 1921, people dragging corpses out of mass grave. CU corpses w/ hammer& sickle superimposed. Military. Lenin, Trotsky. Stalin. Farmers w/ machines in field, wheat, buying food at shop, weighing grain. Herbert Hoover re aid to Russia. Children eating. Headlines re Lenin stroke. Lenin dead. Lenin funeral in snow. Stalin. Five year plan. Men at work on railway line, lugging wood, heavy industry, quarry, factories and smoke, machinery. Agriculture, building houses, factory work, train (narrator says to Siberia), factory boss congratulating workers. Dignitaries in line. Trials, courtroom scenes re mass executions. Still Stalin former allies w/ hammer & sickle superimposed. Trials, still of executed man. 13:12:45 Coyoacan 1940: re Leon Trotsky assassination. Wehrmacht marching, Hitler speech. Popular front demo still. News headlines. Molotov & Ribbentrop meet. 13:13:51 Planes drop bombs re Poland invaded by Germany. Soviet tanks & army invade Poland - stagey footage w/ snow - not September invasion? Cartoon Hitler & Stalin w/ Poland corpse. 13:14:39 Soviet icebreaker. Fighting at sea. French plane sabotaged by French Communists. Nazi troops march through Champs Elysées. German guns and cannons fired, explosions re invasion of Russia. Russian soldier surrenders. Map Russia with arrows to Stalingrad, shows territories Russia expanded into after war. Troops marching. Tanks. Crowd cheering, parade. Industry. Troops running on barren land. Artillery, tanks. submarine, woman on stretcher, refugee. Cold War; NOTE: Better picture quality but different sequencing on 221409. ANY continuous 15 minutes of 12:50:54 - 13:23:49 sold as one reel.

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