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Action Stations Part 1 of 6 (Titles & beginning missing)

Reel Number: 221195-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Canada

Location: Arctic,At Sea,Atlantic

TC Begins: 09:43:30

TC Ends: 09:49:49

Duration: 00:06:19

Action Stations Part 1 of 6 National Film Board of Canada / Dir. Joris Ivens Titles & start missing. Documentary following Royal Canadian Navy efforts to protect convoys of supply ships from attack by German U-boats in the Atlantic during WWII. Crewmen running to man their stations on ship; heavy guns aimed; German submarine glimpsed below surface. U-boat torpedoes supply ship; ship sinking; sub comes to surface. Fast-maneuvering Navy corvette chasing U-boats - explosions. Sequence showing fighting in Europe - VO re importance of armaments & tanks etc. reaching destination. 19:45:30 Convoy at sea. British Scottish troops entertain themselves while waiting to be deployed - singing & playing guitar & accordion; EXT tank rolls past country pub. RAF planes on supply ship; U-boat periscope seen above water; ship torpedoed. RAF Spitfire in desert? Planes in flight over Tibet - Himalayas. Chinese troops in battle. 19:47:18 Watchman on frozen bridge of supply ship heading for Arctic & Murmansk; CU watchman in fur hat; grizzled sailor breaks ice from gun barrel. Snow troops & artillery on Eastern Front - Canadian tanks. Gun camera footage from Nazi planes dive-bombing Allied supply convoy; anti-aircraft fire in return. Survivors of sinking covered in oil hauled aboard ship - hosed down on deck. Plane crashes into sea. Convoys sail on. Canadian naval flag flying. Continued... WW2; Shipping; 1943;

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