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Battle For Stalingrad, The Reel 6 partial

Reel Number: 221122-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Stalingrad

TC Begins: 16:15:13

TC Ends: 16:18:50

Duration: 00:03:37

The Battle For Stalingrad Reel 6 partial Soviet commanders watch Katyusha rockets launched in snow. LS series of explosions. Brief air to air shots fighter planes over countryside. Heavy guns fired in industrial / factory area on outskirts of city. Grenades thrown - 62nd Army in street fighting offensive. Good shots Soviet troops running forward through snow-covered ruins & smoke. Surrendering German troops out of garrison w/ hands up - sign re Wehrmacht above door. Others pulled out of foxholes among ruins - kicked & prodded by Soviets - CU prisoner w/ wounded face - PoWs marched off w/ hands up - white flag. WWII. Eastern Front. Russia / USSR. Red Army. Nazi Occupation.

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