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Battle of Kursk (Related) R06 of 18

Reel Number: 221393-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Germany,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: kharkov

TC Begins: 07:52:08

TC Ends: 08:05:12

Duration: 00:13:04

Battle of Kursk (Related) R06 of 18 LS Tanks across large plains. MS past troops in field. Artillery firing, explosions, troops in grass watching. POV tanks advancing. Burning Russian tanks. German troops climb on two tanks stacked on top of each others. German soldiers resting on the battle field, wounded talking. 07:53:16 Russian dead in trench. GOOD German tanks past, Russian tanks burning. Dead by artillery. Starved horse in silhouette. Wrecked equipment & dead. 07:54:15 Captured Russian prisoners, marched in large group along road. 07:54:37 Large German truck w/ gun crew pulling artillery. Aerial over tanks moving across large plain & battle aftermath. 07:55:38 German officers in front of tank w/ Gen. ??. 07:55:45 Russian planes overhead, attacking German tanks, Russian plane hit, crashes; burning wreckage. Germans move large steel beam. Tank across / thru water. Radio crew in reeds. Line of tanks w/ crews on top firing guns, officers watching explosions. Troops run thru wild flowers. Rockets launched at dusk. 07:58:16 German looking up, Stukas in formation overhead. German tanks, explosions, planes low. Wounded Russians (?). Tanks firing, burning. Artillery firing & explosions (GOOD). POV tanks advance & past. 07:59:50 Map w/ Brjansk, Orel, Kursk, Woronesch, Bjelgorod, Charkow. 07:59:57 German tanks & trucks advance; column of trucks; spread over landscape. 08:00:40 CU General Oberst Guderian smiling w/ soldiers. Soldiers receiving mail, eating, sleeping; play w/ puppy. Stuka; German troops start motorcycles, climb on tanks, infantry advance towards Russian village. Firing, wounded, house burning, motorcycle & jeeps, tanks along muddy road. Soviet planes overhead, bombing. Artillery firing. Plane downed, pilot parachuting. Other planes fall & explode. Wounded. 08:03:44 Chocolate distributed, German soldiers eating in CU. Smoking. Tanks moving on horizon & artillery firing, explosions. Rockets fired. Tanks forward & explosions. WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; WW2 Tank Battle; NOTE: Much has good clean sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be of mixed dates. NOTE: This card sold at per reel rate. NOTE: In our experience German Nazi era material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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