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Battle of Kursk (Related) R11 of 18

Reel Number: 221394-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Germany,Russia,USSR

Location: Russia

TC Begins: 09:21:25

TC Ends: 09:35:05

Duration: 00:13:40

Battle of Kursk (Related) R11 of 18 Firing rockets in daytime & evening, USSR soldiers watch. Burning tank. Dead Germans & equipment. 09:21:49 German soldier w/ head in hands by artillery; German prisoners marched past. Prisoners of war thru Kursk (?). 09:22:18 Tanks along country road, summer, past trees from moving vehicles. Jeeps w/ camouflage past. Infantry along road (grainy). Soldiers on tanks. 09:23:24 Title: 12 43 (?) Early morning & pond & sky shots; barbed wire. Soldiers waiting; fusing grenade in trench. Smoking in trenches. Artillery & fighter planes silhouetted. Flare dropped. 09:24:59 Artillery barrage. (GOOD but scratched.) Excellent night artillery sequence, explosions. Rocket barrage fired at night; flames. Soldier in trench w/ binoculars; others in trench after explosions. Russians forward at dawn, across barbed wire. Heavy smoke w/ troops silhouetted. Aerial of planes, bombs dropping. Night & equipment burning. Dawn nebelwerfer. (Good but dirty) 09:28:08 Generals out of bunker thru trench, CUs of ?? 09:28:47 USSR officer looks at watch & soldier fires flare pistol. Soldiers across stream; explosions as soldiers cross river on rafts; move flat boats forward. Large artillery fired; troops wade river & move up. Advance w/ mine detectors thru grass crawling forward. Russians sappers take German mine etc, cut wire barricade. 09:31:48 Russian tank exits woods, tanks driving forward, planes over, POV alongside tanks. Some wide shots. GOOD. 09:32:49 Aerials of Russian planes & bombing. Russians tanks & infantry advance left to right at speed; past burning German tank. German plane shot down & burning tail. Russian plane lands, wounded pilot off on stretcher. WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting; NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

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