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Die Deutsche Wochenschau No.754 Mar 1945

Reel Number: 221237-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany,Poland,USA

Location: Chicago,East Prussia,GOerLITZ,Guben,Illinois,Kurland,Lauban,Marienburg

TC Begins: 09:25:20

TC Ends: 09:39:22

Duration: 00:14:02

Die Deutsche Wochenschau No.754 Mar45 Two reels Stockshots of 1937 ? Republic Steel strike in Chicago. Crowd of protesters, placards seen; demonstration turns ugly, police tussle w/ protesters, seen beating people w/ truncheons, arrests made inc. women. 09:26:47 American soldiers taken prisoner. Heavy guns fire across Rhine River (?). Fast flowing river floods? - damaged bridge. Nazi officer congratulates wounded soldier. German troops equip ready to advance, one has puppy in pocket of uniform - marching. Infantry fire rifles & heavy guns in field, fires. 09:28:17 General Wlassow reviews Russian volunteer troops in snow, various units march past w/ grenade launchers, rifles & tanks, tanks reviewed, snowing. 09:29:10 Map of Eastern Front / Poland. Kurland - Sign ‘Achtung Klopse Stahlhelm auf! 50m Abstand’ Helmets On!. German troops in trench, explosions get closer, heavy gun fired - machine gun fire from snow around icy lake. CU troops, smoking or chewing pipe. 09:30:24 Wounded cross icy lake on sailing sleds; refugees - horse-drawn carts cross ice. Herd of cattle down road in Spring. German snipers keep guard in damaged castle Marienburg in East Prussia / Poland - smashed stained glass windows & broken sculptures. Col. Otto Skorzeny, liberator of Mussolini, addresses troops in forest - pan across wrecked Soviet? tanks. 09:32:14 Decorated soldier (“Deutsches Vernichtungsabzeichen”) talks to camera describing how he blew up Russian tank, cutaways to burning tank. 09:32:45 German tanks thru Guben. German shop signs, burning buildings, street fighting - residents give soldier a drink; troops in street w/ pistols & rifles. 09:33:48 Deserted autobahn towards Dresden w/ wrecked tank. Russian PoWs. More tanks advance towards Goerlitz & street fighting - ruined town. 09:34:12 People working in damaged factory. Destroyed town of Lauban. Goebbels in Lauban, meets officers, looks thru binoculars, watches heavy gun firing & addresses troops in town square inc. Hitler Youth boy. Dead civilians, corpse w/ feet chained up - atrocities. 09:36:25 Goerlitz - Goebbels addresses conference w/ speech re Eastern Front 11Mar45 no pardon for Russians. CUs military & civilians in audience attentive, applause; Goebbels gesturing, chorus of Sieg Heils. 09:38:34 Hitler w/ Nazi officers arrives for meeting; INT conference room, Hitler shakes hands, Nazi salutes given, Hitler seated w/ map. Hitler leaves in car, crowd of soldiers saluting. WWII Propaganda; German Home Front; Eastern Front Fighting; Russian refugees;

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