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Documentary Extract re German Militarism

Reel Number: 221237-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941-1945

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 09:39:24

TC Ends: 09:48:44

Duration: 00:09:20

Documentary Extract re German Militarism German? troops firing heavy guns from fields, woods. Good PoV shot from front of tank as it ploughs / plows thru trees. Tanks advance, troops jump off. 09:40:44 PoV shot thru gunner’s slit as tank fired on; tank burning. VO re role of tanks in warfare & perils of being inside when hit. Wrecked tank w/ bodies. More PoVs from inside tank; fleeing soldiers blown up; more bodies. Burning village, soldier past; refugees. Partisan guerrillas fighting occupying forces. Collaborator captured & attacked by villagers before being shot. (GOOD) 09:43:59 Moscow - high pan across huge crowds of German PoWs. CUs looking miserable, captured Nazi officers gathered in order of rank - top shot huge number of troops stand up - marched thru city by Russians - cutaways to German troops marching in happier times & women mourn over victims of Nazis, VO re Nazi theory of Russians as inferior “Untermenschen”. Mass graves, dead children, crying women. Cut back to Nazi officers & soldiers marching thru Moscow watched by Russian civilians; civilians cheer victory. 09:48:22 German prisoners taken away in freight train. WWII; Eastern Front; Fighting; Atrocities; Horrors of War; Russian Front; USSR;

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