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Germans to Russian Front; Russian Damage

Reel Number: 221325-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Belarus,Lithuania,USSR

Location: Belarus,Grodno,Lithuwania

TC Begins: 05:29:24

TC Ends: 05:34:53

Duration: 00:05:29

Germans to Russian Front; Russian Damage Lines of fresh German soldiers moving to front pass lines of dejected Soviet prisoners moving to rear along narrow rough road. Early days of campaign (?). Camera looks toward front & smoke rising. 05:29:47 Germans fighting in haze of smoke, close among buildings. Quick advance, debris. Tanks moving ahead, view over bridge from tank. Pan over burning city & German officers entering in open car behind horse drawn wagon. 05:30:49 Map: From Grodno towards Minsk, Baranowitchi.... View up line of German tanks stretching along road, swastikas on tanks. Huge tanks past, w/ dust; racing across field. Blazing buildings & smoking horizon across wheat field (scorched earth). Prisoners.... 05:32:25 Streams of prisoners, some wounded, along road under German guard. Motorcycle past seated massed prisoners. CU moving, walking, road filled. 05:33:51 POV along camouflage equipment. Burned out convoy along side road. Germans marching; running w/ guns to river. View along bridge & collapsed bridge in river panned over. Firing mortars & small tanks. Germans dug in. Small boats w/ outboard motors on river. WWII Eastern Front Battles;

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