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Moscow Travelogue

Reel Number: 221123-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1918-1941

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 17:00:11

TC Ends: 17:08:01

Duration: 00:07:50

Moscow Travelogue Incentive documentary made to mobilise support for Russian defence during WWII. INT royal palace - ballroom w/ chandeliers. LS cathedrals w/ ornate domes; view from cathedral rooftop across river to city. Vars architectural CUs - statuary inc. giant bell & cannon; cathedral see through archway; ramparts above Red Square; St. Basil’s Cathedral. 17:01:30 Re-enactment of city under siege in 1618 & 1812 - troops marching - city in flames - soldiers into battle. 17:02:20 Documentary footage of Lenin speaking to large crowd in 1918 not heard - Red Square ? - WWI troops march off to war w/ rifles. 17:02:57 1941 - Civilians building barricades in street. Night: listening horns, launching barrage balloon - silhouette barrage balloons. People go down elevators & stairs into subway. Explosion over city reconstruction w/ model. Kids and rows of people sleep in shelter. Night firing & searchlights. Brief shots armament production / steel mill. 17:05:00 INT Stalin onto platform to applause - encouraging speech to group of officers 06Nov; Vyshinskii ?, Molotov & Beria ? present - Politburo VIPs? 17:06:13 MCU Stalin speaking 07Nov MOS; troops pass in review. Winter: troops & tanks off to war through city streets - snow on ground. VS anti-aircraft guns firing. Air-to-air fighter planes. Tanks across snowy countryside, troops on skis. Montage guns firing, explosions, ski troops & tanks past. Bodies in snow; wrecked vehicles. Ends abruptly. Eastern Front. Russian Home Front.

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