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On The War Front

Reel Number: 221107-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940



TC Begins: 16:15:57

TC Ends: 16:19:01

Duration: 00:03:04

On The War Front Finland - Helsinki in flames after Soviet bombing raid - firefighters at work - burning buildings - wounded into ambulance - Finnish military chief - wreckage of downed Russian plane stripped of ammunition. 16:16:51 England - British cruiser HMS Ajax in dock after returning from mission to find German battleship Admiral Graf Spee - Captain adds River Plate to plaque listing Ajax’s battles & salutes. Seamen disembark. Scenes of Ajax at sea. 16:17:55 France - Tracking shot past line of troops marching through snow towards front. French troops in trenches & gun emplacements - chow served - 16-inch trench mortars fired at German positions. WWII. Western Front. Heavy Artillery.

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