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Post-WWII - 1948 Wer die Wahl hat - hat die Qual! 132/48

Reel Number: 250003-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1948

Country: East Germany,Occupied GERMANY,USA

Location: East Berlin

TC Begins: 05:14:10

TC Ends: 05:18:50

Duration: 00:04:40

Post-WWII - 1948 Wer die Wahl hat - hat die Qual! 132/48 05:14:18 Woman sitting at table w/ West Berlin leaflets & newspapers, Time Magazine. Man comes up & talks to him (SOF) as Berlin Airlift planes overhead. Man contrails in sky. 05:15:04 People into large concrete building w/ windows blocked, air raid siren, soldiers shutting steel doors. Many contrails, WW2 bombers above clouds. View from plane of many bombs dropping GOOD. 05:15:23 Night, large. fires burning. 05:15:31 Daytime, young German boys as firemen in street. 05:15:37 Man reading poster, thinking & looking at graffiti on wall of NSDAP & swastika; zoom in on newspaper headline. 05:15:53 Montage: Soldiers marching w/ shovels; CU Nazi soldier & boy w/ rifle. Woman presenting artillery model to Nazi officer; real large artillery & German soldiers loading & firing. 05:16:12 Pan still photograph of men w/ USAF airman holding model of C-54 Skymaster & children’s toys. 05:16:26 Nazi newspaper w/ headline re Dr. Goebbels speech. 05:16:31 SOF Man giving speech ??? 05:16:46 Montage: Speaker outside battle scarred building w/ crowd. Hurdy gurdy organ grinder, woman gives coin. B-29 flying low. Nazi German officer & soldier, speaker. USAF fighter jet. Himmler & other Nazi officers touring concentration camp w/ prisoners behind barbed wire. CU still photo of ?? Fighter planes (brief). Nazi airman awarded German Iron Cross medal. Civilian, Franz Neumann walking into building. Soviet jet bomber overhead. Jodle under guard down stairs. Photo of ??. Flying wing jet airplane taking off over camera. Nazi officer giving award to soldier; officer as civilian . American infantry running out of back of plane w/ rifles. German officer; unid. civilian. German Air Force plane rolling over & diving. Eastern front burning seen from air. Optical wipe. 05:18:07 Steel mill, heavy industry, Communist youth demonstrators marching w/ banners. Pan very large crowd w/ banners, flags to speaker. 05:18:49 From behind speaker. Black. Post-WW2 Soviet Occupied Berlin, East Germany; Propaganda; NOTE: Demonstration against airlift timed to coincide w/ elections to be held in West Berlin on 12May48.

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