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Report On German Morale, A R1 of 2

Reel Number: 220416-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Germany,Russia


TC Begins: 10:13:45

TC Ends: 10:24:05

Duration: 00:10:20

A Report On German Morale R1 of 2 Consists mostly of captured films with American commentary. Montage: Military drummers, goose stepping troops, youth w/ shovels, other youth, VIPS. Allied bombers; destroyed factories; city streets w/ rubble & heavy damage. German civilians leaving bombed cities, clearing rubble, people leave on trains, allied bombing aftermath, food distribution & rationing. 10:15:40 Explains Goering & Himmler’s civilian defense responsibilities. CU telegraph key; air raid warning & location; streets & trolleys emptied; antiaircraft guns fire during air raid. Wrecked allied planes & captured American pilots shown to Germans. German fighter lands & German airmen laughing. German pilot speaks (SOF) about shooting down allied bomber. 10:18:30 Himmler’s role explained. Fire fighters; civilians clearing rubble & rebuilding; soup kitchen. German secret police patrol, guard & interrogate civilians. Radio announcer. 10:20:03 Map shows German retreat on Eastern front. Russian front w/ explosions, corpses, downed German planes, tanks & vehicles. Snow, mud. 10:20:55 Example of how defeat presented to people. German newsreel extract: Berliners watch a comedy show & boxing match. Troops from various Axis countries board train (English voice over translation). - CUs insignia Estland, Wallonie. Deep mud on Russian front; planes off & over; blowing up railway tracks, bridge & dockyard. Artillery counter-attack on South-Central sector; heavy guns firing; explosions; tanks firing & strafed. POV planes. Surrendering Russians & POWs. WWII Eastern Front; Propaganda; Counter-propaganda; Germany; Nazi; Horrors of War;

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