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Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 2 of 5

Reel Number: 221105-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Leningrad

TC Begins: 12:11:06

TC Ends: 12:21:54

Duration: 00:10:48

Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 2 of 5 Montage documentary w/ English narration. Leningrad at dusk, silhouettes, blackout curtains drawn, searchlights. Montage war workers in factory while bombing continues, anti-aircraft fire. Soviet airmen take off, CU ace fighter pilot Karashan ?; armament production line. Burning buildings & firefighting; downed German plane w/ CU burning Swastika on tailfin. Armored & camouflaged train w/ large guns. 12:13:45 Dead elephant among ruins of zoo. Tilt down levels of apartment building w/ facade blown off. Rescue workers among ruins. Railroad laid in street, shells loaded & heavy artillery fired; field artillery w/ machine guns. Battleships at sea,Soviet Naval officers consult map. 12:16:13 Title ‘Then came the severe winter of 1941-2’. Soldier guarding snow-covered docks, anti-aircraft guns in streets. CU Stalin speaking in full uniform before large micophone ordering Soviet troops to stop retreating English subtitles. Loadspeakers. Russian headline w/ VO “The enemy is at the gate!” Troops march thru city, traffic & civilians thru snow. Workers in factory w/ collapsed roof. Damage to the Hermitage museum. Pedestrians wrapped up against severe cold. VO re harsh conditions - man pulls box on rope thru street. 12:19:50 Water gathered by buckets from holes in ice. 12:20:30 Bread ration chart translated to English - 9 ounces for workers, 4.5 everyone else; women queue for bread. Worker at tank factory warms hands over fire; armaments workers in thick coats. WWII; Eastern Front; Battle of Leningrad; Russia / USSR;

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