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Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 5 of 5

Reel Number: 221105-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Leningrad

TC Begins: 12:42:37

TC Ends: 12:51:53

Duration: 00:09:16

Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 5 of 5 Montage documentary w/ English narration. Street scenes in Leningrad, civilians clear rubble as snow starts to melt. Streetcar - man painting at easel in street. Title ‘Spring 1942’. Ice melting on river. Anti-Nazi cartoon. Soldier rolls cigarette in trench. German tank abandoned; grave w/ German helmet. Cross floats in river. Last convoy crosses Lake Ladoga thru melting water on ice; piles of supplies. 12:45:30 Bread ration increased. Civilians clear snow from streets; women w/ shovels. Warships repaired in dock & maintained. 12:47:23 Visitors from other Communist countries arrive w/ gifts; group from Kirghiz Republic Kyrgyzstan - VO “from the Steppes of Asia Minor”. Sailors paint ship. Recovery scenes, kid in fur coat on tricycle; kids hold hands thru city center. Streetcar lines repaired & streetcars back in service; people board & traveling shots through streets. Pedestrians in sunshine walking, bicycling. Barrage balloon thru street. Barricades on outskirts of city - soldiers in defense positions prepare for second wave of attacks. 12:51:27 High pan across Leningrad w/ statue of Lenin superimposed. End title quote from Lenin: ‘Comrades! Fight to the last drop of blood. Hold on to every foot of earth, firm to the end! Victory is not far off! And Victory will be ours!’ WWII. WW2 Eastern Front. Battle of Leningrad. Russia / USSR.

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