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Soviet Newsreel (1941)

Reel Number: 221262-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: USSR


TC Begins: 09:49:03

TC Ends: 10:00:02

Duration: 00:10:59

Soviet Newsreel “Fascists Will Be Destroyed” “Footage From Front Lines of Patriotic War” No. 66-67, 14July41 09:49:51 Clouds, pan over field & soldiers w/ tank camouflaged in straw. Artillery firing from camouflaged positions, trucks past damaged buildings. Rural village & cattle in streets. Truck convoy w/ branches over trucks. Unloading supplies in field & firing. Tank across wooden bridge. “Red Army pushes back enemy”. 09:51:39 Two small planes over fields. Pilot loading Soviet propaganda leaflets directed at German soldiers. Tanks moving across floating pontoon bridge. Plane lands in field & pilot Commandor Krasnourchenko out of plane. Kisses wounded. Wreckage of German Nazi plane. Wounded lifted out of tank. Wounded loaded into plane. Commander Gerosimenko w/ arm in sling refuses to leave the fighting; sitting in bullet riddled car w/ map. 09:53:51 Inspecting twin-engine bomber wreckage near rural village. Bodies beside plane. Captured German soldiers into building from truck. CU sitting, writing confession at desk (narration says they are denouncing Hitler & were forced to fight). Removing parts from plane as villagers watch. 09:56:38 Russian pilot shaving while sitting on fighter plane. Other pilots. 09:56:53 Women, men & boys w/ shovels walking to edge of stream & digging long line of barriers to stop tanks. Fighters arrive, pilots are read a letter of honor from President of Supreme Soviets & receive word of awarding of Soviet Hero Prize; salute & handshakes. Looking at map & loading bombs into planes. Pilots into planes & taking off; biplanes. WWII Eastern Front; Russian Airmen; WW2 POWs; German Prisoners of War;

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