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The Thirteenth of June, 1942 Reel 6

Reel Number: 221031-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Russia


TC Begins: 04:08:51

TC Ends: 04:18:44

Duration: 00:09:53

The Thirteenth of June, 1942 Reel 6 Film shows a typical WWII day in Russia - 13Jun42. VS Russian artillery positions fire heavy guns; soldiers loading shells. Montage of scenes in a Russian munitions factory - men and women pack shells, assemble heavy guns and rifles; bombs stacked ready for transport; large bombs rolled off production line into wooden crates; factory yard filled w/ crates of bombs. 04:10:39 Russian mine - miner operates drilling equipment; mine carts filled w/ rocks. Men climb on mountain above, others hit rocks w/ sledgehammers; male and female geologists in tented encampment examine rock samples for minerals. Miner underground operates hand drill - brief cut to soldier firing machine gun then miner’s face repeatedly intercut w/ shot of mountain. Miners chat, one w/ black face and torch helmet. Female miners hack at rock w/ pickaxes. 04:12:30 Oil fields: site manager in office w/ portrait of Stalin on wall. Machine room. Passenger / worker train moves through oil field against backdrop filled w/ drill scaffolds. Oil tanker cargo train along tracks past refinery. Workers inside refinery - machines and gauges - huge showers of sparks illuminating semi-darkness. 04:13:53 AV oil refinery. Workers shovel coal into huge furnaces; others watch through dark glasses attached to caps to shield eyes. Lumps of molten metal moved along production line operated by workers. 04:15:15 Russian officer watches tank firing w/ civilian men? wearing medals. Gun carriages in factory / railroad yard moved onto freight train. HA PoV from crane looking out across factory floor. VS tank assemby and CUs workers at vars machines inc. women. Finished tanks roll out of factory under banner in Russian; tanks outside, past camera w/ men on top; tanks tested on wasteground. - through ditches and water; tanks roll over camera; tanks lined up in factory yard. Good - filmed and edited with flair. WWII. Eastern Front. Industry.

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